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How to Convert Customers That Land on a Sold out Product Page

02/03/2018 | Share:

It’s hard enough driving a new customer to your ecommerce site in the first place, but what do you do if the product they want is sold out. In this blog, we look at ways you can encourage a potential customer to convert when they land on a sold out product page and how you can keep them interested in your ecommerce business.

Sold out does not have to mean a lost customer

Potential customers are naturally going to feel disappointed when they land on a sold out product page. However with the right messaging you will see improvements in your bounce rate.

It takes between six to eight seconds to make a good impression when a consumer lands on a web page, so create a sold-out customer journey which is really helpful to the consumer.

Provide a customer friendly way to pre-order

There are a number of reasons why a product sells out. From seasonal demand to the nature of the product (beautiful handcrafted items take time to create). However, a customer won’t think about this when they land on a sold-out product page.

So make it really clear on the product page when an item will be restocked. If you are waiting on delivery in the next few days, provide a ‘back in stock soon’ message with the ability to pre-order.

For items which have longer lead time (weeks not days), You could offer to email the customer once the item is back in stock, in the process you could also offer them the option to sign up to your newsletter that will tell them about product and inventory updates.

Another option is to give the customer the ability to pre-order or ‘reserve today’ for a small deposit. Then follow up the reservation with a phone call or email when the item is back in stock. This old-school style customer service has been put aside by the large retailers, however ‘above and beyond’ service is what will turn a potential customer into a loyal one.

Suggest alternative products

By promoting similar in-stock items on the sold-out product page is another way to covert the customer.

Clean and bright product visuals which share the same attributes and price point of the sold-out item will not only capture the customer’s interest but allow them to click through to the appropriate product landing page. Therefore providing them with a seamless way to continue their customer journey without having to leave your ecommerce site.

By providing clear messaging and excellent customer service, you will increase your ability to convert customers who land on your sold out product pages, keep your potential customers interested and set your ecommerce business part from your competitors.

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