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What is Order Management?

Order management covers all processes and tasks involved in a customer’s order. From when the order is placed all the way through to delivery of the product.

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What does Order Management Software do?

An order management software (OMS) makes all of the processes more manageable. It does this by automating as many tasks as possible throughout the order process, such as updating stock levels or generating tracking information.

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Do I have to pay extra to use Mintsoft?

Not at all! We use Mintsoft in all of our day-to-day activities and access to the system comes as standard to all of our customers.

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How do I set up Mintsoft?

We will provide free support to help with the integration of the software to your store. It normally takes 1 hour from start to finish.

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Download our Order Management Software
FAQ’s PDFs below which go into further detail.

Adding Alternative Codes

Download PDF 395.56KB

Adding Cartons

Download PDF 537.91KB

Create ASN

Download PDF 398.21KB

Creating Bundles

Download PDF 191.99KB

Dropship Products

Download PDF 57.37KB

How do I use the Upload Tool?

Download PDF 168.82KB

Order Upload Spreadsheet

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