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With Ogden Fulfilment, you’ll have instant access to the live status of your customer orders at no extra cost.

As a seller you are accountable for the package until it reaches the customer. Until you get that line squiggled on, it is your responsibility, which is why tracking is so important.

Give your customers confidence

Providing accurate tracking information for your customers reduces their anxiety and shows you are dependable and trustworthy. You want to be dependable and trustworthy right?

Retain customers

The best customers are the ones who keep on coming back. When customers think you’re the bee’s knees, they’re more likely to become loyal advocates for your brand. Automatic shipping tracking helps you do just that.

Relieve pressure on customer services

Whether you’ve got a cracking customer service team or it’s just you, a tracking number saves countless calls to your business asking “where’s my parcel?”. And if they do ask, you’ve got instant access to look it up yourself.