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Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs A Twitter Account

02/11/2020 | Share:

Twitter isn’t always the first social media platform people think of when it comes to ecommerce. For starters, it doesn’t have all of the ecommerce integrations that Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have to help people make quicker purchases. But that’s because Twitter isn’t designed for that. And that’s OK. But just because you can’t make a direct sale through Twitter, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Here’s why you should be using Twitter for your ecommerce business.

Customer Service

Twitter is a very fast-moving platform. News, trends and messages travel extremely fast and as a result, people on Twitter expect that same swiftness from brands. If your website doesn’t have a live chat for instant resolutions, people may use Twitter to get the instant reply they’re looking for.

Statistics prove that the faster you respond and address a customer query or issue, the more likely they are to do business with you again.

Stand up for your brand

As malevolent as it sounds, Twitter users like to publicly complain about brands and out them for everyone to see. It will happen whether you have an account or not, so it’s better to be present on the platform so you can respond and showcase your great customer service. It allows you to address any negativity and drown it out with positive messages and engaging content from your brand.

Be trendy

Twitter is all about what’s happening right now. Things happen in real time and people often use it as a veritable news source. With its hashtag feature, topics and hashtags can often start trending locally or globally.

As a business, Twitter allows you to easily jump on trends and respond to things happening on a daily basis. It shows your followers and potential customers that you are in touch with the world and people can relate to you. You don’t have to jump on every hashtag that comes your way (it’s not always appropriate for the brand) but monitoring Twitter for potential trends to use does require some effort.

Reach new audiences

Twitter is a great platform to reach new audiences. You can promote products and have fun with your followers just as you would on other channels. Whilst Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all have more active users, Twitter can help you reach different demographics and a more verbal audience. For example, according to a study by DataReportal, 66% of Twitter users in 2019 were male. This is the opposite of Pinterest where 71% of users are female.

Twitter allows you to advertise, just like other platforms and has different targeting options to other platforms which means you’re likely to see different results when running ads.

It’s definitely worth checking out Twitter if you’re not already using it and seeing how it could improve your ecommerce efforts!

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