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Going Live: Why you should consider live streaming on your social media channels

02/10/2018 | Share:

With most social media platforms now offering a live stream option and millions of people watching live streamed content daily, now is the time to get involved.

In this blog, we take a look at why you should live stream and what you should share in order to boost your ecommerce business.

Why You Should Live Stream

More people are watching video content than ever before. Video content keeps your audience informed, entertained and involved in your business, however, pre-recorded video content can sometimes feel overly scripted and pre-planned.

Live content gives users a ‘glimpse behind the curtain’ at your business. By humanising your business and opening up to your customers, you are not only putting people at ease, you are also enabling them to connect with you and trust you as a business. Putting a face to your brand makes customers feel that they are buying from people they can connect with, rather than an unfamiliar business, no matter what the size of the company.

Another reason you should consider live streaming is the fact that you can get immediate feedback on your content. Whether you host a Q&A or a product launch, your audience can join the conversation and share their opinions with you. This can allow you to not only respond to any concerns your audience may have, it also allows you to answer questions and converse with your audience in real time.

What To Share

There are a number of methods you can use in your live stream. Below are some of the most popular styles of live stream that you can use to get started with.

Product Launches/Previews – For instant feedback on a new product and making your audience feel valued by showing new products through live stream. Your audience can join the conversation and share their thoughts on your new products, whilst you offer them a sneak peek into your business.

Q&A – One of the most popular forms of live streaming is to host a Q&A. Speaking to your customers directly can not only increase brand trust, but it can also cancel any doubts someone may have about buying your products. Using an influencer within your target market to host can also be a great way to drive engagement to your Q&A.

Entertainment/Behind the Scenes – Live streaming an event, live debate, a “how to” video, or even just a “meet the team’ video are all great ways to offer a unique insight into your business. It allows your customers to connect with your brand and helps to build customer loyalty.

One of the main things to remember before you start to live stream is to tell your audience beforehand. Let them know you are hosting a Q&A or product preview ahead of time with the right time and date in order to make sure those who care, are watching. Live streaming is great for engaging with your current audience and reaching brand new customers. Don’t be afraid to get started.

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