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8 E-commerce blog post ideas

03/06/2019 | Share:

Writing posts for your E-commerce website is a great way to provide value to your potential customers. It gives them something for free and also shows that you are the best company to do business with. Not only that, it is very good for SEO and showing people that your website is still up to date.

Whether you’re just starting a blog or you’ve had one for a while, it can be difficult to know what to post next. In this blog post, we share our cheat sheet which covers a number of blog post ideas to help keep it fresh and interesting. A blog post about blog posts!

Company news

One of the more obvious blog post ideas is company news. What better way to show an up-to-date website than to post your most recent news? Maybe you’ve just hit a new business milestone or you’ve started a partnership with another company? It doesn’t have to be War and Peace but your news should be substantial enough to write a minimum of 300 words. This is important for SEO and to make sure your news is worth reading.

Industry news

What if you haven’t got 300 words worth of company news right now? This is where industry news comes in. This blog topic proves you know your stuff and that you’re passionate about your industry by sharing news from your area of expertise. Go one step further than just sharing and add your angle or critique to the recent events. Disagreeing with something usually generates more interest!

What’s new with you?

Another e-commerce blog idea is to promote your new products. This benefit is two-fold as you also have an opportunity to write a lot of copy about the new product or range without over-using the hard sell language. It could also be about new offers or loyalty rewards that you have on the site to make sure people know about them!

Seasonal posts relating to your product

Do you have the best Spring fashion? Perhaps your product is an ideal Christmas gift? Let people know! Try to tie in upcoming events or seasons into your blog posts, as this creates another good opportunity to highlight your product. It also shows people you aren’t a machine with no awareness of what is going on in the world.

Pick of the month/staff picks

In the same vein as writing about a product or new feature, you or your staff can post a “pick of the month” style post. This is a great way of writing about all the features and benefits of a product that isn’t new or re-branded but could do with a little ‘pick-me-up’. If your staff are writing about it, they could even perform their own review of the product. This shows that your product is frequently used and trusted by your own employees.  


Perhaps there is no one to perform a review of your product, or you don’t think this would work well for your business. In that case, a tutorial might be another idea. Show your customers how to use their product once they’ve bought it.

If you sell make-up, do a make-up tutorial. Or if it’s electronics, show them how to use it or do an unboxing video. This shows people exactly what they can expect once they have made their purchase with you and will help to make the sale! Try searching YouTube for tutorials/unboxing videos related to your niche – you might be surprised how many there are and how useful some of them can be! Wouldn’t it be a lot better coming straight from you?

Answer questions related to your business

Often find that people have the same questions, again and again? One idea for a blog post is to post your frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Whether it’s about shipping, the products themselves, payment methods or even something such as sustainable business practises, it can be really helpful to you and your customers. You could write a post for each question (if you think the answer is long enough) or you can create a single post for all questions – our main advice is that you make the FAQs easy find and navigate.  

User-generated content

Have you got a couple of brand ambassadors out there that have something positive to say about your products or services? Invite them to share!

Posting user-generated content on your blog is a great way to join with your audience rather than sit across the table from them. People love feedback from someone who is not sponsored and is speaking honestly from their own experience. Not only does it improve your business’ credibility but as an added benefit, you can put your top fans in the spotlight!  

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