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5 Ways to Add Personal touches to your E-Commerce Site

13/12/2016 | Share:

Show Your Personality

This doesn’t just necessarily mean on your website, but also across your social media channels. Whichever social media platforms you’re using, ensure that you are maintaining a presence and engaging with users. Whether you’re posting competitions, articles or company news- make sure you’re personality shines through. The more customers see the face/voice behind the brand the more they will relate to you on a personal level. This can also be done via a blog on your site, as you get to tell your story and share things you think your customers will be interested in.

Remember Special Occasions

Show customers you care by sending birthday, Christmas, anniversary cards (or e-cards) with offers, discounts or promotions tailored to them. This will show customers that you care and also tempt them back to purchase more from you. People tend to feel indulgent around special occasions, especially birthdays, so these little surprises could potentially result in extra sales.

Personalise Communications

Building a loyal customer base is one of the key things you’re looking for. Personalising the content of marketing emails based on customers’ browsing habits and shopping history will show customers that you’re interested in them and aren’t just sending them generic marketing emails, half of which are of no interest to them. Make sure that you personalise the salutation of the communications to add that extra personal touch.

Tailor-Made Shopping Experience

Imagine going to your favourite online store and finding that the landing page is filled with product suggestions especially for you- pretty neat. You can customise landing pages with suggestions of products you think they would like based on their previous shopping history and provide a welcome message for that extra personal touch. This gives the customer the feeling that you care about them and provides a tailor-made shopping experience.

Add a Live Chat

Adding a live chat feature allows you to address any issues instantly and also allows you to get some extra information abut the customer at the same time. This helps you to build a relationship with the customer and allows them to view you as a real person and not just a website. What’s more, you can create a live chat tool that monitors where the customer comes from, the time they have spent on your site, what they have looked at etc which you can then use to provide an even better shopping experience for them.

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