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Why 2021 will be the year of Ecommerce

02/02/2021 | Share:

2020 was the year we learned to adapt to life without the high street. Covid-19 meant that for months we were unable to visit our favourite shops and when we were, we weren’t sure whether they’d have to close again. We’ve spent a lot of time without visiting stores in person and many people and businesses had to adapt over the turbulent year.

In 2020, ecommerce was the lucky escape for some, where people tried their best to cope. 2021 will be the year that they take it in their stride and push into ecommerce even further to transform their businesses. When 2021 is done, our shopping experience will have changed permanently.

People are still at home

People are once again stuck indoors, unable to go out unless it’s for essentials. They can’t shop at their favourite shops in person as they’ve been forced to close. Businesses in 2021 will have learned from the lesson of 2020 and taken their business online, not only to reopen their store but to keep it open, 24/7.

Increased use of Social Media

With nothing to do for most of last year, consumers are turning to social media to well, stay social! Social media usage has increased a lot since the start of the pandemic, and this is a great opportunity for businesses that want to grow on social media. Not only are people logging more screen time, but more people are signing up for new channels.

Social Media networks are also constantly working on adapting their platforms to include more shopping features, making it even easier to do business.

Brands have changed their approach

The philosopher Plato is credited with the quote “necessity is the mother of innovation” and this also applies to the world of ecommerce. Brands that have previously relied on face-to-face interactions for business have adapted to ensure they can continue online.

Pandora has developed virtual ring fittings whilst Ford now has virtual showrooms. IKEA allows you to virtually see their furniture in your home. This incredibly lifelike AR experience by Nike can show you trainers from every angle before you purchase. Even our GP consultations have moved online to avoid unnecessary close contact.

Whilst we’ll likely get back to having those face-to-face appointments, the advances in technology and ecommerce strategy in the meantime will still remain once the pandemic is finally over. Shopping will become easier than ever before.

People are still cautious

Even towards the end of the year, once vaccines have been rolled out to the majority of the population, it’s likely people will still be apprehensive. There may be some doubts around the efficacy of the vaccine or new variants of the virus that appear and send us back into lockdown. In the case of an unfavourable scenario, ecommerce is still the best option.

Some may even have grown happily accustomed to online shopping by the end of 2021, a year set to be full of successful ecommerce stories.

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