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Why Potential Customers Will Judge Your “About Us” Page

04/08/2017 | Share:

Consumers are understandably wary about handing over their payment details to an ecommerce business they haven’t shopped with before. Therefore in this blog we take a look at why potential customers will check out and judge your “About Us” page, and what action you can take in order to build trust with consumers.

Does your “about us” page clearly display your business location?

Potential customers will want to see where you are located and that your business address looks real. Some consumers will even carry out their own due diligence process by checking it out on Google maps or street view; so always make sure your address details are up to date and consistent across all your digital platforms including any social media channels.

First impressions count

To help customers make a positive purchasing decision, don’t be afraid to give a brief (because we want people to read it) history of your business including when the company was founded, key mile stones and how the company has grown. Short and sweet, this key information should not only confirm the legitimacy of your business, but also enable a consumer to get to know you and your business. Plus if you support a charity or sponsor a local team, also feature their official logo on your “About Us” page along with a snappy summary of you company’s ethos and why you work with this organisation.

Pictures speak a thousand words

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s a very good idea on your “About Us” page to include real (not cheesy corporate stock images) of either you, your business premises or your staff team. Not only will this help create trust with your potential customer, but it will also put a face to the name if ever the consumer has to pick up the phone to call your business.

Make it easy for potential customers to get hold of you

Maybe your potential customer has a product question or they’re worried about lead times either way, make sure you clearly display a contact telephone number (preferably a landline) and an email address on not only your “Contact Us” page but also on your “About Us” page too. This small exercise will not only encourage consumers to trust your ecommerce site, but also prove you have nothing to hide and easily reachable.

So there you have it, by ensuring your “About Us” page displays your ecommerce business in the best light, it will not only help potential customers to trust your business, but make a purchase and hand over their debit or credit card details.

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