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4 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid in 2018

09/01/2018 | Share:

With consumers receiving an ever-increasing number of emails, in this blog, we take a look at 4 email marketing mistakes to avoid in 2018.

1. Forget to think ‘Mobile First’

While desktop email opens continue to decline, according to industry experts, including the enterprise email solution provider Return Path, messages opened on a mobile device have almost doubled during the past 5 years.

Therefore always check how your marketing emails appear on different mobile devices, especially Apple, as almost 80% of mobile email opens take place on an iOS device, compared to the 20% of mobile email opens which occur on an Android device.

2. Give emails a dry or generic email subject line

If you check the customer email titles used by big brands, you will see they’ve taken a more modern approach. From song lyrics to playful phrases, large organisations do what they can to entice potential customers to open their emails.

According to The Drum marketing publication, the average consumer receives at least 38 sales emails a day. As a result, you need to stand out from the crowd and give your email titles as much personality as possible. When it comes to opening your email, a large number of consumers feel a boring subject line must equal a boring email. Therefore no matter the size of your ecommerce business, try using an interesting and enticing email subject line.

3. Spam your email database

You may feel what you’re telling your customers by email is very important. For example, your business has sponsored a local charity, you’ve got a new website or you’ve made a new hire. However unless the email contains a genuine call to action and provides real value to your customers, for example, a discount code to redeem on your new website, there’s no need to send an email. Instead, use your social media channels to make announcements and remember when it comes to sending your customer emails, it’s definitely a case of quality over quantity.

4. Writing war and peace

Due to the huge number of emails opened on mobile devices, the content within the body of the text should be kept short and sweet.The reasons being, not only will the sight of a long email put off your potential customer from reading your email, it could also hurt conversion rates and lead to an increased number of unsubscribes.

So there you have it, by avoiding these 4 email mistakes in 2018, you will not only start building and maintaining a valuable customer database, but you’ll also create emails consumers want to receive.

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