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Use These Apps to Improve Your In-House Imagery

03/04/2019 | Share:

For many businesses, especially those just starting out, hiring a professional photographer to photograph and edit your in-house imagery simply isn’t a cost effective option. Thanks to the incredible technology available at your fingertips there’s no reason why you can’t photograph what you need for your business, at least to begin with, on your own smartphone. But this method can lead to poorly-lit, dull and non-enticing shots that won’t help to sell your products no matter what they are. Luckily, the aforementioned smartphone also comes equipped with the capability to give your photos a total makeover at the touch of a few buttons, with the help of some of these handy apps.

Snapseed – Free (iOS & Android)

Probably one of the most user-friendly photo editing apps out there, thanks to its Google origins, Snapseed really does it all. You can add effects, get rid of marks and spots, apply professional filters, and tweak the lighting and levels of your images to completely transform them. Basically, there’s not much you can’t do with this nifty app at your fingertips.

VSCO – Free (iOS & Android)

If filters are your thing, then VSCO is the app for you. Whilst it is geared more towards sharing your photos in a community of the app’s users, it still boasts a whole host of both free and paid filters to give your photos a unique edge, as well as all the usual editing options—perfect for sharing on your business’ Instagram page.

Adobe Photoshop Express – Free (iOS & Android)

You don’t have to fork out for the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite to benefit from their powerful editing capabilities. Taking its tools from the original and the best, Adobe Photoshop Express gives all the tools you’d expect—from red-eye correction, brightness and contrast, to cropping, saturation and smart filters. Smart filters allow you to correct common issues with the touch of a button, so even photo editing novices can achieve professional results.

Adobe Lightroom CC – Free (iOS & Android)

Another from the photo-editing experts at Adobe, Lightroom CC gives you a slightly more professional box of tools to choose from than Photoshop Express, and focuses more on enhancement than correction. Your photos can benefit from the in-app professional camera mode to really get the most out of your smartphone’s camera. Plus, you can make all the tweaks to the tone, contrast and lighting you’d expect.

Procreate Pocket – £4.99 (iOS)

If you love customising your photos with your own text and doodles, then take it up a notch with Procreate Pocket. Based on the original, hugely popular iPad app, Procreate Pocket gives you the option to create beautiful images from your iPhone and includes an eye-watering amount of tools and features that give you the freedom to create any image you like.

SKRWT – £1.39 (iOS & Android)

Ever wished your product photography just had the perfect angles and clean lines? SKRWT is an app specifically developed to improve the perspective and angles in your photos. Thanks to the wide-angle lens in most smartphones, photographs of anything that has straight lines or sharp angles often won’t translate very well on to your screen. SKRWT has both auto-cropping and manual perspective adjustment tools to give you control and produce photos how they were intended to look.

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