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5 blog ideas for your ecommerce website

01/08/2018 | Share:

Having a blog on your ecommerce website is great for SEO, social media content and keeping your customers informed. However in the busy world of running an ecommerce business, consistently coming up with new blog content can be difficult. In this blog, we look at 5 great blog ideas you can use for your ecommerce site.

1. New products

As well as building awareness through marketing, you can create a blog post about a new product launch. Writing about how to use the product, how it will benefit your customers and how it will fit into their lives will likely increase the number of people who will go on to buy the product.

Sharing this on social media will allow people to share your blog, therefore helping you to reach a wider audience and create more interest in the product both before and after the launch.

2. Company news

If there is any news regarding your company, sharing this with your customers is great for building relationships with them. Won an award? Hired someone new? Gone on a team outing? Hosted an event? let your customers know. People love seeing behind the scenes content and including your customers in things like new products, or day to day life will make them feel involved.

3. “How to” posts

A “how to” blog is a great way of showing your expertise in your field in order to gain customer trust. It can be specific to one of your products and you can include a link to the product page, or it can be a topic that your audience is interested in. This type of post is great for building relationships with your customers.

You could write about how to build your product, how to use your product or how to wear your product. There are so many ways you can provide value to your customers as well as providing great content for your website and social channels.

4. Wish-Lists

This type of blog works particularly well for fashion brands. Creating a wish list from your products is a great way to showcase them. Creating a theme such as “holiday wardrobe” is a clever way to inspire your customers as well as promoting your products.

If you aren’t a fashion brand you can always group products that are often bought together or would work well together. For example, if you sell outdoor equipment, write a blog about camping and include products like a tent, sleeping bags and a backpack. Building a story around how your products could be used in your customer’s life will make the customer consider buying more from items from you.

5. Customer queries

If you often find you get asked the same questions by your customers, why not answer them in a blog post. Not only will this allow your customers and potential buyers to put their mind at ease, it will also mean you have to spend less time answering the same questions for your customers.

Creating a blog doesn’t have to be hard work and you don’t have to be posting 3000 word essays every week. As long as you are regularly posting content (ideally a couple a month) and sharing it on social media, you will begin to see more traffic and more sales.

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