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5 Top Tips On How To Turn Customer Feedback Into Online Testimonials

28/02/2017 | Share:

They say everyone’s a critic and in this digital age the phrase has never seemed more true. So within this blog we are going to look at what drives a customer to submit feedback and what you can do to turn it into an online testimonial.

1.  Research what customers really think about your e-commerce business. Just because you think you are doing an amazing job, does not mean your customers feel the same way. Potential new customers will do their own due diligence and check out online reviews including the very best and the very worst about your business. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you booked a holiday without checking out a review site first? So investigate what your customers are really saying about your business online and if you do find anything, acknowledge the comment courteously and be prepared for a response.

2.  Review how you handle complaints. Customers understand things can go wrong. We’re only human after all. It’s how you put the problem right that counts. Advise your customers of any potential issues and keep them up to date through out the process. This way your customer will be fully aware of the situation and less likely to angrily reach for the keyboard.

3.  Ask for customer feedback. Even when the sales process has gone smoothly, don’t be afraid to check in with your customer and make sure everything is ok their side. Your customer could provide invaluable feedback on your website, product page or sales fulfilment, all of which could help you grow your business and avoid any bad reviews.

4.  Build rapport. It’s difficult in this digital day and age to build a relationship with an e-commerce customer. However by regularly checking in by email or your social media channels, you’ll be able to create an environment which will encourage your customers to remain loyal and talk about your e-commerce business positively online.

5.  The big tip! If you go above and beyond to help a customer who’s experienced a problem or made a complaint, always handle the situation with grace. Resolve the issue to the absolute best of your ability and once they are happy with the situation…ask them very nicely for an online testimonial. If potential customers can see your e-commerce business goes out of its way to sort out a problem and customers are still happy to provide a positive review following an issue. Potential new customers will see your e-commerce business in a positive and honest light.

So there you have it. Even though you may run a modern e-commerce company. Old fashioned customer service is the way forward in respect of gathering positive reviews and online testimonials regarding your e-commerce business.

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