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Is it time to choose a fulfilment company?

Is it time to choose a fulfilment company?

Are you a small e-commerce business that currently ships its own products to customers? Is order fulfilment becoming too much of a headache? Or perhaps you wish you could improve your order fulfilment service? Here’s how you know it’s time to get a fulfilment company involved:

Are you overwhelmed by order fulfilment?

If order fulfilment and logistics are draining all of your time and increasing your workload, it may be time to consider hiring a 3rd party fulfilment company like Ogden Fulfilment. Fulfilling orders is a crucial part of your business’ success. However, we both know that packing boxes and arranging deliveries is not what you signed up for when you started your business! As an owner or manager, you should be putting your expertise and experience into running and overseeing your business.

By working with Ogden Fulfilment, you’ll free up all that time you spent packing boxes or sending out parcels and get back to what you enjoy most about your business. From single packages to multiple pallet loads, we’ll pack, store and deliver for you.

Are the costs too expensive?

Transporting and delivering orders can be expensive if you’re not dispatching in bulk. For a small business sending out its own orders, the costs can soon add up and become a burden. Ogden Fulfilment has existing contracts with transport providers and delivery services that reduce the costs of delivery for businesses that work with us.

Another way to reduce costs is to purchase in bulk rather than source your products on an order by order basis. By storing more of your products within our secure warehouse, you can purchase in bulk and save your business money in the long run.

As an added bonus, lead times for deliveries will also be a lot shorter, meaning happier customers!

Looking to expand?

Have you outgrown your current storage space, but don’t want to invest in a warehouse of your own? We have a dedicated, spacious warehouse where you can keep all of your stock, regardless of whether it’s 1kg or 1000kg. Our warehouse offers bin storage, shelving storage, racked storage and bulk/call off storage.
Is your inventory disorganized?

Sometimes, if order fulfilment has been overwhelming or there’s no robust system in place, things can become a little disorganised. You may find yourself struggling to locate products or finding things in the wrong place. With a disorganised inventory, you run the risk of delivering incorrect orders, which only makes the struggle worse.

We’ve been delivering goods for over 130 years and over that time we’ve fine-tuned our methods of warehouse management. When you enter a partnership with Ogden Fulfilment, you gain the benefits of our experience and expertise in all of our service areas. You’ll always know what your stock levels are and our efficient storage and picking system will ensure the right products are delivered on time.

Are you receiving more complaints regarding shipping?

Are people starting to complain more about the speed of delivery? Perhaps you’ve got a pile of returned items that is only growing day by day. With the help of 3rd party logistics, this will be a thing of the past.

Ogden Fulfilment is able to quickly process orders as they come through and arrange different speeds of delivery. We’re also able to process returns for you and update the stock levels as appropriate.

Want to keep up with the competition?

Nowadays, people’s expectations from e-commerce businesses are much more demanding. People expect matters to be resolved quickly and orders to be dispatched the same day. By working with a fulfilment company, you can make sure your e-commerce business keeps up with the competition and more importantly the big e-commerce giants.
Think it’s about time? Contact us today for more information.

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