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Top Tips to Engage Your Email Subscribers

05/03/2019 | Share:

You probably know the struggle yourself- you open your email inbox first thing in the morning to find a plethora of companies have inundated you with the same boring newsletter or product promotion email. What grabs your attention and makes you take notice? We explore a few ways to make sure your subscribers get involved with what you have to say…

Offer a Discount/Free Shipping Promo Code

Everyone loves a freebie, right? It’s not always financially viable, but shoppers often put off making a purchase until they receive a discount code to make it more justifiable. Try and send these out around payday to capitalise on those impulse buyers.

Collaborate to Accumulate

It may be a dog-eat-dog world out there, but if you’re an independent business yourself, your best ally could actually be other independent businesses. Research other businesses that offer products or services that are complementary to your own, and ask if they’d be interested in a giveaway or joint venture- this can be mutually beneficial as it introduces both sets of customers to the other’s business and opens doors to future promotion and support from the business owners.

It’s Not All About You

As much as your customers are interested in what your business is offering, or they wouldn’t have signed up to your mailing list in the first place, they also want to know that you’re listening to what else they’re interested in. Again, it’s about researching which activities or interests are complementary to what you’re offering, and hand-picking information that you feel may be of interest to your subscriber list.

Get Social

Your social media channels are often an untapped resource of glowing testimonials or useful tips from your own customer base- so why not use them? Telling your subscribers what other people are saying about your business or products is more likely to grab their attention- after all, they wouldn’t want to feel they were missing out!

Break Away From The Norm

Cast your mind back- it’s Valentine’s Day and your inbox is crammed full of emails captioned ‘Love is in the Air.’ You don’t pay attention to any of these emails, because there’s no way to differentiate between them. When structuring your email content and subject line, try and question whether this will blend in or stand out- what can you do to make your subscribers open your email when surrounded with a sea of the same old straplines?


We love to hate it, but it definitely works! What separates successful clickbait from irritating and sometimes downright untruthful clickbait is what lies within the email. Give your readers a reason to be glad they opened your email, whether that is a discount code or an exclusive product sample opportunity, and they won’t be sorry they succumbed to the bait.

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