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Top Tips Boost Online Sales And Increase Your ROI

01/12/2016 | Share:

Here is a list of useful tips that you can use to boost your online sales and ROI.

Advertise the Right Products

Be sure to advertise the products with the highest margins as these will give you the most return. There is no point spending advertising money on low priced products as you will need a lot of conversions to make it worthwhile. Do keyword research on those products to ensure you’ve covered all variations of search terms to allow you to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Offer Discounts using promo codes

Giving customers the chance to get a discount is always a winner. You can use promotional codes to easily track which channels are working for you by using different codes on each channel to analyse which one is delivering the highest ROI.

Mobile Optimisation

Mobile devices account for a considerable amount of traffic these days so it is essential that your site is optimised for mobile use. Companies need to rethink their website design to ensure that they don’t lose customers due to their site not being mobile friendly. Alternatively, you can create an app to use on mobile devices which is becoming increasingly popular. Be sure to test these extensively before release, to iron out any problems.

Social Media

Successful social media campaigns can have a significant impact on ROI. It is an excellent way to build relationships with potential customers, engage with users, get feedback on what is and isn’t working directly from the consumer, and gives you the opportunity to run contests or giveaways and get your brand name to reach more people.


Automation is a fantastic way to track traffic and behaviour on your website. It allows you to automate basket abandonment emails, reach out to users who haven’t visited your site in a while or email relevant information to that lead. Each automation is personalised for that lead. It also means your sales team don’t need to spend time emailing or calling each lead in your database as it may not be worth their time.

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