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4 Ways To Boost Your Ecommerce Business This April

01/04/2018 | Share:

Spring is officially here. So whether you are a new ecommerce business looking to accelerate your sales revenue, or an established brand needing to move the dial this tax year. Small tweaks to your website can make a big difference. Therefore in this blog, we look at 4 ways to boost your ecommerce business this April.

1. Introduce cross-selling

Cross-selling is a great way to boost your sales revenue. By promoting related products along-side the product a customer is viewing, you’ll not only create an opportunity to add value a potential conversion, but you’ll also be providing a good user experience for the customer. For example, if you run an online clothing store and the customer selects a rain coat, show them the matching rain hat, snazzy wellingtons or umbrellas.

2. Provide on-demand delivery

With today’s customers now expecting their products to be delivered as quickly as possible, on demand, fast delivery is now a standard service offered by large retailers.

Therefore, if possible, why not offer your customers the same type of service? Not only will it give consumers the chance to choose the most convenient day for them, but it will also provide them with a sense of reassurance that they’re dealing with a reliable business when handing over their credit card details.

Plus as the time scale will be determined by the customer, it will allow you to be very clear about the varying shipping costs.

3. Offer guest checkout

By removing mandatory customer account registration before a customer makes a purchase, you’ll make it much easier for your customers to check out and hand over their credit or debit card details. This is especially important when a customer is visiting your website on a mobile device where speed and convenience is key.

Of course you should make account registration an option, but offering a guest checkout will make the process as quick and easy as possible for those who don’t want to sign up.

For more information on providing a good user experience check out our blog: 4 ways to create a smooth customer journey.

4. If your bounce rate is high, ensure your ecommerce site looks genuine

It may seem obvious, but with competition being so tough, if your bounce rate is high, make sure your ecommerce site looks 100% genuine to consumers. Check out other online brands your customers are likely to visit and see what design elements you can incorporate into your ecommerce site. This may be as simple as letting your customer’s know when your business was established or that all your products are manufactured in the UK.

By making these small changes to your ecommerce site you can boost your sales this April and set your business up for success for the rest of the year.

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