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Can I Afford to Increase My Prices?

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03/02/2023 | Share:

With supplies and overhead costs on the up, you may wonder if it is time to put up your prices. But can you afford to? The recent rising cost of living has caused us all to look at our outgoings. Money is tight and customers, as well as businesses, are looking to save money. So will an increase in costs mean a loss in business? Here we take a look at what to consider before increasing pricing.

Evaluate your business and figure out what you need to charge in order to make a profit

Consider the cost of materials, overhead costs and your time investment when calculating prices. How much do you need to make to cover these costs and make a profit? After all, if you underprice yourself you won’t have a business in the long run. So find out what your bottom line is so you know what to aim for.

A person using a calculator and reading from their piece of paper.

Research your competition and find out what they’re charging for similar services

It’s important to know what other businesses are charging in the industry so that you can price yourself fairly and competitively. This will also give you an indication of how much people are willing to pay for a service or product like yours.

There’s no point in making your prices too high if all of your competitors are offering cheaper deals, similarly don’t make them too low or you won’t be able to cover costs. Find out the average price for similar services on the market to give you an idea of how much increase the market will take. 

Be prepared to adjust prices as needed

Pricing isn’t a one-and-done exercise – you need to continuously evaluate and monitor the market and your costs to ensure that your pricing is competitive and accurate. Changes in the industry or in consumer behaviour might mean that it’s time for an adjustment, so make sure you’re prepared to adjust your pricing as needed.

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Know your customers

Are you customers with you because you are the cheapest in the market or because you offer great aftercare service or excellent customer service? Knowing this will help you determine how much your prices can increase without alienating your loyal customers.

Consider offering a cheaper alternative

If your research shows your customers are with you because of your pricing structure you may find it harder to increase prices as there’s likely to be competition. In this case, why not add a lower-priced alternative to your product or services? This way you can offer something for everyone rather than lose business by increasing all of your prices. Remember if your need to increase prices is based on increased costs then your competitors will be having the same issues. So keep an eye on the competition.

Offers for Loyal Customers

If customers are with you for your excellent customer service or aftercare, why not consider offering discounts or loyalty rewards to those who have stuck by you? This way they will be more likely to continue using your services and less likely to shop around.

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Have you built Good Brand Loyalty?

Having a good loyal customer base will make it easier for you to increase prices as there’s an element of trust and understanding when it comes to increasing costs. You can explain why the price has increased, for example, because of higher overhead or material costs. Let your customers know that despite the price increase, they’re still getting great value from you as a business.

Don’t be afraid to raise your rates if you feel like you’re providing a high-quality service

If you’re offering exceptional service, then don’t hesitate to raise your rates. It’s only natural that customers are willing to pay more for higher-quality products or services. Just make sure that your prices are still in line with customer expectations and industry standards.

In conclusion, increasing prices can be a difficult task but with the right research and evaluation of your business, you can decide if the time is right to put up your prices. Consider costs, competition and customer loyalty before making any changes and ensure you remain competitive.

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