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How Your Expert Product Knowledge Can Drive Your Ecommerce Business

19/05/2017 | Share:

To be a good sales person, you need to know what you are selling like the back of your hand. In the ‘physical’ world a good sales person is confident and passionate about the product they are selling, they can answer any question a potential customer may have to persuade them to make the purchase. In the world of ecommerce, product knowledge is equally important.
As a result, your product description and product knowledge can make or break a potential sale. It’s easy to remember your potential customers cannot physically see or interact with the product, so is it up to you to fully educate them on your product and how it will benefit your customer.

You Can Identify And Address Your Customers Needs

Potential customers will be put off if your product description is leaving their questions unanswered. Your product description should fill your potential customers with confidence that your product is right for them. Think about any potential concerns your target consumer may have and address these concerns in your copy. For example, a concerned mother might want to know if any harmful materials or chemicals were used when making a child’s toy advertised on your website.

By making your product description informative and relevant to your customers needs, they will be more likely to go through with the purchase. You could even list the main benefits your product has for the customer or use features like a size guide below the description.

The more relevant and informative your description, the more confident the potential customer will be in your product. Just remember to keep it concise and relevant to the customer, your visitors won’t want to read though masses of text.

You Can Build Confidence And Trust Within Your Customers

Knowing your products inside out gives you the ability to recommend the best option for your potential customers. Your potential customers may want a more affordable alternative of something they’ve seen elsewhere for example. Whether through customer service or through ‘Suggested Items’ on your ecommerce site, your potential customer will feel more valued as a person if they are given the best possible product or deal from your website. For the same reason, if you don’t think your product is right for the customer, tell them and suggest a better alternative. This builds trust, suggesting to the customers that you have their best interests at heart. As a result, the customer will walk away assured and confident in their decision to buy from your business and will be more likely to come back in the future.

Your Customer Service Skills Will Benefit

Gaining product knowledge is vital for excellent customer service. As you build up your product knowledge, you will naturally become more enthusiastic and passionate when talking about it, something your potential customers will pick up on.

Anyone can find out generic information about your product online, but it is up to you to express the correct information to your customers and tailor product descriptions.

Having specialist product knowledge will not only increase sales, but reassure and advise your potential customers and build brand loyalty.

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