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How to boost your E-commerce business this January

01/01/2019 | Share:

E-commerce businesses are a challenging and competitive business. Hopefully now with all the shipping and fulfilment from the festive season successfully completed, your attention can turn to the New Year which is an excellent time to begin tidying and further improving your business.

The first step to your New Years cleanse is to ensure complete ease in all areas of commerce for your customers.

Within this important factor, you must endeavour to make it easy for your customers to find the information and processes quickly, whilst making them feel confident in their purchases and most importantly; confident in you as a business. You’ll want them to feel completely safe within their shopping or browsing experience. It is essential that customers are able to contact you, preferably through multi-channels such as social media, email, live chat or phone.

It is essential that you make all of your policies regarding; shipping, prices, estimated delivery dates, descriptive aspects and returns policies readily available and easy to view. Not only will this give customers peace of mind and that extra push to purchase, but you may find it will also reduce customer enquiries. One of your main aims as a business is making it clear and easy for them to complete an action; whether this is buying your product, signing up for a newsletter or completing a survey, there should always be a clear pathway for them to take another step into their journey with your business.

You will also want to make sure that your checkout process or basket is as simple as it can be. Customer frustration will increase alongside cart abandonment if your basket process involves multiple, complicated steps.

January is the perfect time to polish your product pages! After all, the look and feel of these pages are what the customer has clicked onto your website for but will give an impression of how your business operates. Two key factors that will contribute to an attractive and successful product page are; clear, concise, strong product descriptions but just as important is high-quality photography or imagery.

High-quality photography is essential when operating an E-commerce business, as customers will scan and browse many ads and websites before making their purchase. Poor quality, dark images will not retain your customer’s interest.

Product descriptions are what will stand you apart from your competitors and need to include; what your product is, what it does and how it differs from others on the market. Essentially, you want to remind customers they have found the correct product and that they are getting a good deal.

Sometimes other key factors of a great description include specifications such as size and weight.

You most likely will have gained traction with your website over the festive period. However, this does not mean you should sit back! Now is the perfect time to reach out to your customer base; new customers, old customers, potential customers. Social media makes this process extremely easy and you should aim to post daily to ensure you’re at the front of all thoughts. The more you digitalise your business, the more you’re able to understand interactions with your business; how many people who visit your page are purchasing? Which products are they clicking on? How long have they spent browsing?

Here at Ogden’s fulfilment, we have many E-commerce solutions to help you freshen up your business and to certainly assist you in fulfilling orders and much more. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to boost your business this January!

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