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Drive Sales With A Hello Bar

03/12/2021 | Share:

If you’re looking to drive sales through your website, then a ‘hello bar’ could be the way to go. In this post, we’ll explore what a Hello Bar is and the many ways you can use it to improve your conversions.

A ‘hello bar’ is a great way to welcome potential new consumers to your website for the first time, and this first impression could have a considerable impact on whether that visitor makes a purchase or returns to your site. The objective of a ‘hello bar’ is to create a concise statement, announcement, lead information, or a direction to a specific webpage.

Firstly, let’s properly define a ‘hello bar’ before looking at how best to use one to drive sales.

What is a Hello Bar?

A ‘hello bar’ can also be known as a ‘banner bar,’ ‘notification bar,’ or a ‘floating bar.’ It is a bar across a web page’s screen – typically the home page – that stays put and keeps its position when visitors scroll.

There are a few uses for a ‘hello bar,’ which include:

  • Offer of a gift, discount, or promotion to entice visitors
  • Notification of corporate news or special occasions
  • Promotion of a marketing campaign

There are many benefits of using ‘hello bars’ over other forms of advertising, such as intrusive pop-ups. Hello bars don’t obstruct the content, and therefore don’t affect the user experience in a negative way.

Below we’ll show some examples of how to drive sales with a ‘hello bar.’

Promote Sales Campaigns

Research shows that over 25% of online consumers look for discount codes each time they make a purchase. You can reduce the chances of visitors leaving your website in the hunt for a discount deal by providing this as soon as they arrive, with a ‘hello bar.’

Announcing a sales campaign through a hello bar means potential consumers won’t miss it and minimizes the temptation of them looking elsewhere for a better deal.

Free Shipping Offer

Statistically, if there is free shipping on a product, then over 70% of online consumers will be more likely to buy it. Free shipping is nothing new and offered by most of today’s big brands, but there tends to be a catch to ensure this is a profitable deal for the business, as well as an enticing one for the consumer.

Many big brands will stipulate terms for a free shipping offer, and this tends to be a minimum spend. This way, the business doesn’t see losses, and the consumer is tempted to spend more money than they originally intended.

Announce a New Product

In today’s competitive online market, new products can easily go unnoticed due to the enormity of the market and a business under-marketing new features. With a ‘hello bar,’ you could announce the launch of a new product and link to additional information such as a promotional video, blog post, or the product page.

Implement the FOMO Strategy

FOMO; The Fear of Missing Out.

This marketing method is hugely effective at promoting a sense of urgency to buy from the consumer before supplies are depleted or time runs out. The greatest method, used globally by giant brands, is to implement a countdown timer on the website’s hello bar.

The countdown could be to alert shoppers to the cut-off of a flash sale, the end of free shipping, the time left to order to guarantee holiday delivery, or the number of products left in a specific department.

There is one thing you absolutely must avoid with this, and that is being dishonest. Consumers have multiple devices and online accounts to use to check the status of a countdown timer. Additionally, they can always check back at a later date, and if they see the same offer with the same duration, their trust in your brand is irreparably damaged.

Persuade Visitors to Try Your Product

If visitors are unsure about your product or services, you could encourage them to make a sale by offering a risk-free option. Try before you buy; free trial, no-cost class, or limited free membership, are all great ways to persuade a visitor to try your product.

If these encouragements are outlined on a hello bar, they won’t go unnoticed.

Cookie Policy

In order to avoid fines and penalties for breaching privacy rules, your website must follow cookie laws. Moreover, by displaying this on a hello bar, your website appears more trustworthy and ethical by asking visitors from the get-go if they want to use cookies.

Grow Your Email List

A lead magnet incentivizes email signups, and a hello bar is a great place to start growing your email list. Instead of asking people to subscribe, sign up, or join, you can give them a good reason to say yes by enticing them with clever wording on your hello bar.

For example;

  • ‘Subscribe to receive a free ebook’
  • ‘Sign up to get exclusive discounts’
  • ‘Join now to be the first to hear of flash sales’
  • ‘Enter your email address to become a free member of our online community’

Finish your sentence with a text box that consumers can use to add and submit their email addresses, and there you have a growing email list without the need to email marketing campaigns!


Hello bars have a special place in the marketing world. They’re a great way to keep visitors informed of company news, deals, promotions, and discounts, as well as being a non-intrusive way of advertising sales and countdowns.

Site visitors are instantly greeted with the message of your choice, which could be implementing the FOMO, launching a new product or service, or providing an update on company news. The ultimate goal is to drive sales.

A hello bar is also an incredibly simple way of growing your email list without having to go to the trouble and expense of crafting emails and determining a target audience for an email marketing campaign.

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