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Top 5 E-Commerce Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

03/10/2016 | Share:

E-Commerce is an insanely competitive market, but by adopting the following marketing tips for your site, you’re bound to boost sales.

Loyalty Scheme

Buyers love loyalty schemes, as long as they are getting something substantial in return. By implementing a loyalty scheme, you are making your customers feel appreciated, and offering a reward as an incentive can help to persuade them to spend a little bit of extra money. This will keep customers coming back time and time again.

Basket Abandonment Emails

People abandon their shopping baskets for a multitude of reasons including distractions, indecisiveness and technical issues. An automated basket abandonment email is like a recovery campaign to stop you losing that sale. By building a clever email, you can try and entice your customers back to the site to make the purchase, and you could even go as far as tempting them back in with an offer or a discounted shipping cost.


Customers like to feel special, and bringing personalisation into your site will do just that. Give your customers a tailor-made shopping experience with content that is relevant to their interests. Personalise ads, offers and even email marketing based on their shopping and browsing habits to give the user that extra special experience.

Add a Live Chat Feature

By adding a live chat feature to your site, customers can quickly ask any questions that will be resolved straight away. If customers have to wait for a response, it could be the difference between making the purchase and leaving the site. This feature can perfect the customer shopping experience and potentially boost conversion rates. One thing to be aware of- make sure you hide the chat feature when it is offline as customers could get frustrated if they are sat waiting to speak to someone who actually isn’t there.

Onsite Pop-Up Offers

Pop-Ups can encourage customers to subscribe to a newsletter, receive offers, or join loyalty schemes. These are a great way to capture important data from customers and to build your customer database. A pop-up offering a discount code for new customers will persuade leads to sign up, and even if they don’t complete a purchase right away, you will still have their all important email address to allow them to be targeted in email campaigns in the future.

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