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5 Top Tips for Creating a Festive Customer Journey

11/10/2017 | Share:

If Christmas and the festive period is historically one of your most (if not the most) lucrative times of year, then it’s crucial your online business stands out from the ecommerce crowd.

So to help you deliver a very merry shopping experience, here’s our 5 top tips for creating a festive customer journey.

1. Assess your stock levels

This might sound obvious but you don’t want to disappoint any Christmas shoppers. Therefore remind yourself of last years’ sales figures and check you have sufficient stock available.

2. Give your website a festive facelift

Christmas shoppers love the warm and fuzzy feeling they get from searching for the perfect gift online. So make it clear you share their love of Christmas by adding some sparkle to your website with festive red, green and gold promotional banners.

Also give popular products pride of place on your festive homepage and make sure guaranteed Christmas delivery information is clearly displayed.

3. Make your mobile ecommerce site Christmas friendly

With over 60% of consumers stating they wouldn’t engage (never mind purchase from) a website if it isn’t optimised for mobile – Google. Double check any festive additions to your ecommerce site are mobile friendly.

Christmas shoppers are more likely to start their search for the perfect gift on their mobile device; so make sure any visit to your ecommerce site from a smartphone or tablet is an enjoyable and easy navigate experience for your customers.

4. Launch a festive email campaign

Provided you’ve got a valuable message to tell Christmas shoppers, email can be a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

Of course it’s worth noting potential customers will be inundated with marketing emails during the Christmas period; so to get the most from your email marketing campaign, provide Christmas shoppers with a very special reason (for example a generous discount code or free delivery) to purchase a gift from your online store.

Also when creating your festive email campaign, don’t forget to consider the following…
Is the core message within the email easy to read and crystal clear about what it’s promoting?
Is the email content mobile friendly?

5. Encourage shoppers to visit your online store in January and February

January and February can be the slowest month for sales, so why not use the Christmas and New Year period to encourage visitors to visit your online store during the cold winter months. You can do this by sending out exclusive offers to past customers or by holding a competition on your website.

Promoted on your social media channels, a competition is not only a good way to drive traffic to your ecommerce site but also build up your email database and clear discontinued stock by way of prizes.

So there you go, with a festive customer journey your ecommerce business should benefit from customer loyalty and increased sales.

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