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3 Ways to Boost Your Business over the Bank Holiday Weekends

03/05/2018 | Share:

With the royal wedding sandwiched between two bank holiday weekends (not forgetting the introduction of new the GDPR directive), this May is sure to be an interesting month for both businesses and consumers alike.

So with these events taking place, it’s no surprise the hospitality industry is gearing its self up for a bumper month. Therefore, in this blog, we look at how to appeal to potential customers with three great ways to boost your ecommerce business over the bank holiday weekends.

Get on the Bank Holiday Weekend bandwagon

Every May there is two bank holiday weekends, therefore check your sales records to see which products performed well last year. Then once you’ve sourced a list of the most popular seasonal items, run special bank holiday deals and promotions across your digital channels to entice your target audience into making a purchase.

Give your ecommerce site a May makeover

Tap into how the nation is feeling by injecting some bank holiday spirit into your homepage. From bright and breezy sales banners to royal wedding inspired discount codes. By giving your ecommerce site a May makeover, potential customers will naturally warm to your business.

Host a fun competition

With consumers in a celebratory mood, one way to get your business in front of your target audience is to host a competition you can promote through social media or email.

As major brands frequently demonstrate, hosting a competition is a great way to not only increase the reach of your business but also grow your social media audience and newsletter database. Plus when it comes to prizes, don’t worry if your products don’t have a high value. Just choose an item which you know is popular with your customers and will look good on the social media and competition banner visuals.

When promoting the competition across your digital channels, it’s important you remember to state “for the chance to win”, rather than just “win”, otherwise you might be liable to send everyone who took part a prize.

Furthermore, if hosting the competition on your ecommerce site you will need to let the entrants know about the competition terms and conditions on a dedicated landing page and make it clear that the winner will be randomly selected, the company’s decision is final and no cash alternative will be available.

So there you have it. By acknowledging all the events which are taking place this May, you’ll create rapport with your potential customers and set your self apart from your competitors.

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