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Why you should use user-generated content to boost your ecommerce business

02/11/2018 | Share:

User-generated content is any content related to your brand that is voluntarily created by your customers. This can come in the form of a review, blog post, a video, an Instagram post, anything that customers create on the back of having a good (or bad) experience with your business.

In the era of social media, people are more likely now more than ever to want to share their experiences with their friends. This blog takes a look at why you should be utilising this content in your marketing strategy.

People buy from people

The phrase has been repeated time and time again, but it remains true. People buy from people. A great review or recommendation from a friend is more likely to result in a sale than brand produced marketing messages. Shoppers are becoming more and more savvy and can see through marketing tactics, Sharing user-generated content will allow you to stand out as an authentic and transparent business.

Sharing user-generated content, whether your repost a tagged Instagram or retweet a tweet about your brand, is a great way of not only increasing trust and encouraging conversation within your existing customers, but it also encourages new customers to engage with your brand.

Customers feel valued

When an individual has such a great experience with your brand that they go out of their way to share it on social media, why wouldn’t you share their content? In sharing these stories, you are able to connect with customers in a more authentic and personalised way. Not only are you boosting engagement but you are also strengthening consumer trust and ultimately driving sales.

User-generated content allows your most passionate and devoted customers to become brand advocates. They can build communities and conversation around your business and effectively promote your brand for you. The more you share user-generated content, the more other customers will be encouraged to create content for your brand.

Gain audience insight

Your customers will have a different perspective of your brand than your marketing team will and user-generated content is a great way of understanding why your product is beneficial to your customers and how it fits into their lives.

Rather than just sharing user-generated content, listen to what they are saying about your product, look at the kind go content they are making and what they are engaging with. All this information can be used to not only shape your social media strategy but also your website product pages. For example, you can use their insights and perspective to dictate what you include in your product description.

On the other hand, if your audience is creating content that highlights any issues, make note of what they are complaining about and address it, whether directly to them with an apology or through the design and production of your products.

When used properly, user-generated content will encourage your customers to engage with your brand and will help to grow your audience and ultimately generate new sales for you and most importantly it costs next to nothing!

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