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Top Tips for Your E-Commerce Website

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02/07/2016 | Share:

It’s a bunfight out there. E-commerce is a fiercely competitive industry, with every man and his dog quite rightly setting up online to maximise their business’ potential. But what are the things you simply HAVE to include? Take a look at this handful of top tips to e-commerce excellence.

Include a Search Box

There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than to not be able to find what they’re looking for, and the fact is that frustrated customers won’t be customers for long. Placing an ever-present search box at the top of your site increases its usability and boosts conversions.

Make it Shareable

Social media is king of almost everything nowadays, and in many ways that goes for e-commerce, too. Encouraging your customers to share your brand’s good name on Facebook, for example, can only be a good thing and builds your website’s profile. Include some easily usable ‘share’ buttons for the social media platforms you think are most relevant to your business, and always include Facebook.

Embrace IP Delivery

Whether your customer is based in Brighton or Bangalore, you want to know about it. It can make all the difference and delivering the customer the details most pertinent to them is vital. Setting up IP delivery around your call to actions, price lines and language is an all too readily ignored tip that should be followed each and every time.

Make the Item Photos Sing

One of the major disadvantages that online shopping has against regular retail is that a customer cannot always get a proper ‘feel’ for the product, whether that be by touch, taste or smell. There’s no way to fully compensate for this, but you can go some way to doing so by creating an experience and a little theatre around your item images. Professionally taken photographs are a must, but how about a 3D rotating experience or a video? Be creative and do all you can to bring the item to your customer.

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