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Product Page Optimisation: Product Descriptions for Higher Search Rankings

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03/10/2023 | Share:

Writing compelling product descriptions is so important for catching interest, driving sales, and improving search ranking potential. Crafted thoughtfully, product copy can educate customers and persuade them to buy in a friendly way. This article shares quick tips for writing optimised descriptions that captivate customers and search engines alike.

Crafting Compelling Product Descriptions

Woman sitting in a living room, holding a tablet computer and shopping on the internetFriendly product descriptions should inform customers and show why the product meets their needs. Use keywords and phrases shoppers search for, but mainly focus on providing real value.

Naturally work keywords (search terms users enter into search engines) into the description. But avoid awkward keyword stuffing that sounds unnatural.

Beyond keywords, create compelling, benefit-focused copy:

  • Highlight the most wanted features
  • Explain key benefits customers will enjoy
  • Spark emotions, imagery and desired outcomes
  • Share what makes the product special

Include essential details like materials, sizing, specs, etc. The right mix of engaging copy, keywords, and concrete product details is essential.

Use concise, descriptive sentences. Keep paragraphs short and focused on one main idea for easy online skimability.

Optimising for SEO

Search Engine Optimization ConceptResearch keywords (process of identifying words/phrases users search for) to find terms and questions customers ask about products.

Incorporate primary and secondary keywords in titles, descriptions and content. This helps search engines understand the focus to rank pages higher.

Check out how competitors optimise for ideas on effective descriptions. But create unique copy that can outrank them.

Ensure important details appear high on the page for search bots to index.

Formatting for Online Readability

To improve scannability and readability:

  • Chunk into short paragraphs focused on one idea
  • Add visuals like infographics, photos and videos
  • Break up dense text with headings, bullet points and lists
  • Use bolding and italics judiciously to highlight key text
  • Enable easy skimming with succinct descriptions on what matters most.

Converting Product Page Visitors

Cut out shot of woman doing online Christmas shopping via smart phoneOptimised descriptions should motivate visitors to buy. Reinforce the most compelling benefits. Back claims up with reviews and testimonials.

Craft persuasive calls-to-action focused on benefits like:

  • “Add to bag to enjoy free shipping”
  • “Save £10 when you buy today”

Refine other page elements like titles, images, pricing to align with converting descriptions.

Testing and Iterating

Use A/B testing (comparing two versions to see which performs better) to refine descriptions. Test different benefits, features or persuasion elements to see what works.

Analyse click-through rates to identify higher-converting descriptions.

Ask for customer input on how descriptions could better influence buying decisions.

Refresh product copy regularly to keep customers engaged and address new concerns.

The Power of Captivating Product Copy

Compelling product descriptions have immense power to educate, excite and convert shoppers while attracting relevant search traffic too. By focusing on customer benefits and search keywords, ecommerce brands can create pages that engage readers and deliver results. Implement these friendly tips to connect with customers and boost online sales.


Someone holding a credit card whilst using a laptop.Optimising product descriptions is a highly effective strategy for increasing conversions and search visibility. By crafting compelling, benefit-focused copy with keywords, ecommerce businesses can make product pages that engage, inform and drive purchases. Descriptions should be written with the customer’s voice in mind and continuously improved through testing and feedback. Captivating product copy has the power to drive real growth – implement these tips to start better reaching customers and propelling your online sales today!


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