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The 5 Most Productive Places to Work From

02/04/2019 | Share:

If you’ve ever been in a position where you can theoretically work from anywhere you choose, more often than not you may have found that you end up spending your work time in a space that’s convenient, but not exactly productive. Did someone say bed? Well, if you need to increase your productivity but don’t know where to start, we’ve got a few ideas for places to try, which could boost your productivity and therefore your mood!

1. Coffee Shop

Probably the most obvious, but if you’re stuck in a rut and need a change of scenery from your usual workspace, why not combine this with grabbing a caffeine boost? Studies have shown that introducing your brain to new environments can increase productivity and concentration, as it causes the production of dopamine—the ‘happy hormone’—giving you more motivation to get your work done and keep going.

Shop around—try a few different coffee shops out until you find one that feels right. Don’t forget to check for plug sockets and free wi-fi if you’re going to be working from your laptop.

2. Park

Sometimes easier said than done, but with the summer months approaching, you may have more opportunities to spend a few hours in the local park without getting rained on! The benefit to parks is that you can pick where you set up camp—a bench in the sun, under a tree in the shade, out in the middle of the grass—wherever appeals to you the most. You can move around without much trouble too—no waiting for a table or worrying someone will pinch your seat if you nip to the loo (just be wary of excitable dogs around your laptop!).

There’s something about being out in nature that can give you a fresh perspective—especially if you’re stuck trying to work out a problem. It’s the ideal place to work if you don’t need a laptop too—less technology around = even less distractions.

3. Library

Sound a bit retro? If you’ve not ventured into your local library since you borrowed that textbook for school, you may be pleasantly surprised if you decide to head here to do some work. Plenty of local libraries have had modern renovations to keep them appealing to the public and you should find all the necessary plug sockets and wi-fi provisions there too.

Why not make use of some of the books around you to give you new inspiration for whatever you’re working on? Sure, it’s easy to just ask Google, but that way you’re not likely to stumble across an exciting nugget of wisdom if it’s not something you’ve specifically searched for. Just make sure you returned that old school textbook first!

4. Co-Working Space

If you work on your own and miss having colleagues around, have a look into co-working spaces in your area. It can be great if you start to feel isolated working by yourself. Having other people around to socialise with and bounce ideas off can give your working day a new lease of life. It doesn’t have to be a permanent setup—you could try it out for just one or two days to begin with to see how you get on and how productive you are, as you may find that it doesn’t suit your work schedule.

This solution is ideal if you work best in an office environment, but don’t want to invest in your own office space.

5. Your Childhood Home

If you really enjoy working from your own home, but are guilty of getting distracted by things like household chores (how many trips to the kitchen for a cuppa can you endure before the sight of the pile of dishes in the sink just gets too much?) then why not try working in a parent or family member’s home if they live nearby? You’ll have the familiarity of being in a home, without the distraction of having all your own things around you. If they live in a quieter area than yourself, then you may also find the tranquility helps to boost your concentration.

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