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Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates With These 5 Tips

Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates With These 5 Tips

Have your ecommerce conversion rates taken a dive recently? Or perhaps you’re struggling to get things off the ground? We’re here to help! Look at implementing some or all of these ideas into your business and you should see ecommerce conversions start to increase.

Personalised recommendations

Personalisation is a great way to speak to your customer directly. With product suggestions based on what they’ve already been viewing or have purchased, you can present them with other options and it comes across as helpful rather than pushy. They’re also much more likely to convert.

Persistent shopping cart

A shopping cart that keeps your items in it for a week or several days is a handy tactic to increase sales. These days people can take days or weeks to consider products to buy, especially for expensive products. They’ll look at reviews and competitors as they browse through the internet.

However, with a persistent shopping cart, these returning visitors will instantly be able to pick up where they left off. With the item already in the cart, it speeds up the process and it will give your customer a great impression on your site’s usability.

You can go one step further and add a perpetual cart, that provides a constant reminder of the order total. This is effective for avoiding “checkout shock”, where the customer doesn’t realise how much their order is until the end and gets frightened off!

Provide live chat support

If a customer has an issue with a product, or a question that you’ve missed from your FAQs page, they can simply ask you the question there and then rather than head to a competitor who has that question answered already.

The added benefit is that you also have direct contact with the customer to help them and give them a positive experience with your brand, which can help in persuading them to purchase from you.

Encourage sharing on social media

Ask customers to use your branded hashtag or leave you a recommendation on social media. This generates evidence of people purchasing from you and when people do their research on your products or brand, they’ll see that people have had positive experiences.

Although there’s no direct correlation, people will assume that the more followers you have, the most trustworthy you are. So by having more of a presence on social media, you may be indirectly improving your conversion rates, by removing doubt from your potential customer’s mind.

A great way to do this is by inviting them to follow your accounts after checking out or by sending them a prompt in marketing emails. Competitions to win a product of yours are also an exciting incentive for them to follow you and engage.

Reduce friction at the checkout stage

One of the main reasons a sale is never made is the checkout experience. If you make the checkout experience as smooth as possible, with few distractions, you’re more likely to have a sale.

The main cause of friction that hinders a sale is requiring your customer to sign up for an account. Some people don’t want to or simply don’t have the time. If you can provide a guest checkout, you’re very likely to see sales increase.

You can go further to reduce the friction at the checkout by making the experience mobile-friendly, allowing multiple payment options and displaying the relevant security badges to instil confidence in your business.

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