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3 Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate

02/02/2018 | Share:

For your ecommerce site to boost your business, it needs to entice customers to browse and buy.

Therefore in this blog, we look at three ways to improve your conversion rates.

1. Improve product page loading speed

Ecommerce customers do not have any patience and expect a webpage to load in under two seconds. So if your web pages are taking longer, it will be having an effect on your conversion rate.
One way to improve your webpage loading speed is to invest in a new server/hosting company.

The search engine giant Google recommends a server for an ecommerce business should have a response time of less than 200ms. A very fast response time when you consider it takes 500ms to blink.

If your server does have a response time of 200ms, check your product images are optimised and cropped to the appropriate size. As large, high definition images in the wrong format may be slowing down your webpage loading speed.

2. Ensure your content speaks to your customers

Your website content needs to speak directly to your target audience. Therefore talk to your potential customers in a natural tone of voice and don’t be tempted to write in the third-person.

You only have between eight and ten-seconds for your home or product page to land with a potential customer. So make sure you keep the content punchy. For more information on creating customer-centric content, check out our blog…How to use story telling to enhance your product pages.

3. Provide a clear call to action

Regardless of the device used to access your website. If you want a consumer to make a purchase, your call to action needs to stand out and be easy to select. Plus the messaging must be crystal clear, such as ‘buy now’ or ‘add to basket’.

In respect of where to locate a call to action, more often than not, the button is located just below the item price or to the right of the product description. As a result, any customer who wishes to proceed with a purchase will naturally scan these locations. Therefore this is not the time to be different, an online shopper is used to finding a call to action in one of these locations and will find it unnerving if it’s not.

So there you have it. By ensuring all your product landing pages are geared towards your target audience. Your user experience won’t put off a potential customer but instead improve your conversion rate.

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