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How to use TikTok as an ecommerce business

03/04/2021 | Share:

If your business has been keeping up to date with the social media world, you’ll have no doubt come across TikTok, a relatively new social media platform that is focused on video content only. If you’re unfamiliar with TikTok, it’s much like Instagram’s stories feature (and more recently, their new Reels feature).

With the social platform being so heavily video-based, it can sometimes be a challenge for brands to come up with new and fun video content on a regular basis. Unless you’re a huge brand with TikTok worthy events going on all the time, it might leave you feeling perplexed about how to incorporate your brand into videos. After all, people are on TikTok to be entertained.

User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is a major part of the TikTok strategy for brands. Because TikTok is about you filming yourself doing fun things, sharing some knowledge or being inspirational, you’ll need to do more than just film your product on its own. TikTok is about people, and getting people involved in your content is the best way to make it more personable.

To get some UGC, you’ll need to approach the people already using your product, such as influencers. Ask them if they’d be interested in creating content for you directly. If you’re starting out and you’ve not got any brand advocates, have a browse for influencers who would work well in your niche. There may even be someone you can reach out to via another social media platform who has a successful TikTok account.

UGC works well on social media because it acts as a modern form of word of mouth marketing. It shows people are talking about your brand and are using your products.

Interesting videos with your products

Videos on TikTok have to be interesting but it doesn’t mean you can’t feature your product in them. A great example of this being done successfully is the GoPro account. GoPro uses video content that was filmed using their camera products. Some of the videos, like this one, feature extreme sports such as skiing, snowboarding or gliding.


@goproThe triple threat #GoProAthlete @sventhorgren, @hotlapsofficial, + #GoProHERO9 Black #gopro #fyp #skitok #wee #snowboarding♬ original sound – GoPro


Amazon, on the other hand, incorporates its famous branded packaging into its videos, using humour and creating its own takes on TikTok challenges.


So glad we can spend less and smile more this holiday season thanks to Amazon ❤️ @wilkingsisters
♬ original sound – Amazon

TikTok challenges

TikTok challenges are hashtags that encourage people to complete a challenge in their own video. Some of these are challenges created by the community on TikTok, such as dance challenges, for which the social platform is well known. These present opportunities for brands to join in on the fun and receive more exposure. Try incorporating your products into a TikTok challenge.

However, not all challenges are appropriate for brands to take part in which is why they also create their own challenges that involve their own products. Whether it’s simply balancing your product on something, using it to showcase some style or seeing what people can create with it, there’s bound to be a challenge out there you can create around your brand. Use existing challenges for inspiration.

Behind the scenes

Tik Tok is currently most popular with younger generations. Research suggests that this generation wants to connect with brands on a more personal level than people have in the past. If you don’t have any unique content or UGC, you can always share what goes on behind the scenes. Whether that’s speaking to a member of staff about what they do or showing people how things are made, it gives your brand more depth and personality.

Content with a purpose

Remember to create TikTok content with a purpose. Focus on making videos that educate, entertain, engage or evoke emotions, as these will perform much better. Remember that people come to TikTok for these things, your brand and its message needs to be secondary to that, otherwise, it won’t perform as well.

Linking out

TikTok allows you to link to your website, Instagram page and YouTube channel. Make sure you take advantage of these if you have them.

Don’t ignore TikTok

Even if you don’t use Tik Tok yourself, the possibilities for marketing are great. Whilst posting dance challenges might not be your cup of tea personally, it could be exactly what your audience is doing.

Don’t forget, there’s nothing to stop you from approaching influencers and asking them to share branded content on their profile. Some brands just use the platform to advertise their video content to the TikTok demographic, even if they don’t post organic content. If you decide not to use TikTok at this moment in time, definitely keep your eye on what’s going on.

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