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How to Find Trending Products to Sell

How to Find Trending Products to Sell

Have you ever wondered how best to profit from a trend before it’s over? Sometimes, by the time you stumble upon a trending product, it’s too late to capitalise on it. Everyone else has already filled the gap in the market. It’s like finding out it’s Christmas next week and you’ve got no festive products to sell.

In this article, we’re looking at a number of ways in which you can find trending products whilst their popularity is on the increase. This article should help give you time to hijack the bandwagon before everyone else joins!

Instagram Trends

You’ll need the app for this, but Instagram’s explore page is a great place to find popular posts that contain trending products. You can even filter the popular posts by different categories at the top of the explore page.

Also, make use of the hashtags function within Instagram. By tapping on hashtags relevant to your industry, you’ll be able to see recent and popular posts for that hashtag. Have a browse of these posts and see if anything popular stands out to you.

Popular on Pinterest

Another visual platform, Pinterest has a popular section on both its website and its app. You can explore different categories and see which pins are popular at the moment. This should help give you inspiration for your product so that it’s similar to what is trending. After all, Pinterest is all about inspiration!


If you’re not familiar with Reddit, it can be described as a large forum or social network where anything gets discussed. Reddit has pages called subreddits, dedicated to a specific topic. They’re comparable to Facebook groups but anyone can join. It’s a goldmine for finding trending products for two reasons.

Firstly, many people use Reddit to reach out for help in solving all sorts of life problems. You can use these to find opportunities for products or services that don’t exist yet or are perhaps not so widely available.

Secondly, there are subreddits dedicated to great product finds, where people will share products that people may not have heard of. Some products go down well with the Redditors, but of course, not everyone uses Reddit. This is your opportunity.


Popular YouTube videos that relate to products in your niches can give you an indication of what people like or would like to see. Try typing “best ___ products”, replacing the space with your niche or something related. Unboxing videos are also a good opportunity to find products that people are interested in. When searching for trending products on YouTube, make sure you filter your results to avoid outdated products! A video may have a million views, but it could be 5 years old.


Etsy is a place for people to sell their arts and crafts. A lot of creative people prefer to use Etsy as a marketplace to run their business instead of having their own website. The downside to this is that it’s more difficult to stand out and create a brand. It also closes off a lot of marketing channels for your business.

However, you can use Etsy as inspiration for new products on your website. Etsy has a popular products section on its home page. It also shows you what the best-sellers are for a particular product category. This will give you an indication of what designs or functions are popular.

Google Trends

Perhaps the best way to find trending products is by using Google Trends. With a 92% search engine market share, Google has got tons of data on what people are searching for, with a trustworthy accuracy. The Google Trends home page has quite a bit of information relating to worldwide and country-specific trends, but this includes a wide range of topics such as news, celebrities, sports, television and film etc.

By typing in search terms related to your niche, you can get trend data and compare them side by side, as well as find related topics. You’ll be able to see data over time by country and region that will help determine whether a product has a recurring or seasonal trend. Entering Christmas or Halloween related search terms will provide you with a great example of how you can spot seasonal trends.

Research is key

When looking for trending products to sell, we’d advise fully researching it. Make sure you’ve used several of the above sources for trending products, as well as conducting additional research into whether the opportunity is profitable or not. Best of luck with launching a new trending product!

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