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How To Become Your Own Brand Ambassador With YouTube

02/04/2018 | Share:

When it comes to resonating with a target audience, one way big brands show their personality is by securing a high profile person or influencer to represent their business. However if like many ecommerce businesses you don’t have the budget to retain a well known personality, in this blog, we look at how to become your own brand ambassador with Youtube.

The power of personality

Brand ambassadors provide a much needed human element to faceless organisations, and by using a social media channel such as YouTube, you can do the same for your ecommerce business.

As a result, not only will you provide potential customers with key information about your products, you’ll also offer a relatable quality to your brand which consumers will trust over your competitors.

Think about want you want to achieve for your business

Before recording hours of video, think about what image and personality you want to create for your ecommerce business.

Do you want to promote your individual items in a shopping channel style, or demonstrate your products in real world situations? Whatever it may be, look to create fun, high quality and informative content which drive sales and answers your customers frequently asked questions.

By providing this type of content, not only will your viewers see your channel as a trusted resource, but also a credible business.

Name your channel after your business

As brand ambassador you are representing your whole business, so to make it much easier for your target audience to find you, if possible name your channel after your ecommerce site, or even better, give it the same name you use on your other social channels.

Brand consistency will be key when you share your videos on your ecommerce site and social media channels. This will ensure all your content looks part of an integrated digital marketing campaign and not that you are sharing random, unrelated videos.

Complete the about us section and upload your company logo

Once you’ve named your channel, complete the appropriate sections with your business details including your company logo. Again this will provide brand consistency and ensure potential customers don’t mix you up with another company with a similar name. That being said, if you’re a small ecommerce business and you don’t have a company logo, upload a high quality image which clearly represents your business.

Becoming your own brand ambassador does sounds like a daunting task, but creating video content for a dedicated YouTube channel is a great way to promote your products, connect with your target audience and set yourself apart from your competitors.

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