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5 Tips On Creating A Seamless Mobile Experience

17/07/2017 | Share:

According to the global management consultants Bain & Company, people interact with their phones on average 13 times per hour, which equals 156 times a day or a whopping 1092 times a week, therefore it’s no wonder mobile ecommerce is changing the way customers shop.

With this in mind and Google promising its next algorithm will take a ‘mobile first’ approach (if your ecommerce business hasn’t done so already) it really is the time for you to create a seamless mobile experience for your customers.

1. Understand what your customers want from your mobile ecommerce site

To get the best from your mobile site, you first need to work out why customers access your ecommerce site via their mobile in the first place. Maybe it’s to research pricing, make a purchase or leave a review. What ever the reason maybe, remember on the road to conversion, mobile ecommerce is only part of the journey.

2. Make all your content mobile friendly

Your mobile ecommerce site should not only be mobile friendly but also finger friendly. The font size should be easy to read without having to zoom in, plus the buttons easy to navigate without making the wrong selection. Also any information shown on screen shouldn’t look too cluttered or ’call to action’ heavy.

3. Mobile has become a relationship not a channel

As we rely more and more on our mobile devices, it’s no surprise we feel lost without them. Therefore any content or product information featured on your ecommerce site should not only reflect your businesses’ brand vales, but be considered a trusted resource by your potential customers. This will not only help with conversion, but encourage customer’s to recommend your ecommerce site to their friends and family.

4.In respect of images think quality over quantity

High quality, appropriately sized images will not only look good on a smaller screen, but also make your mobile ecommerce site look professional and a bona fide business. As a result any potential customer won’t question the legitimacy of your business or be put off by fuzzy product images

5. Let your mobile ecommerce customers lead the way

Even when it comes to using your mobile ecommerce site, the customer is always right. Therefore take any feedback regarding your mobile site with grace, and see if you can adopt any recommended changes. You never know, the guidance you receive may change the way all your potential and existing customers use your mobile ecommerce site and lead to an increase in conversion.

So there you have, when it comes to creating a seamless mobile ecommerce experience, your customer’s relationship with their mobile device should be at the heart of everything you.

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