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4 Ways to Create A Smooth Customer Journey

05/02/2018 | Share:

When visiting your ecommerce site, consumers need their online shopping experience to be as seamless and stress free as possible.

Therefore in this blog, we look at ways to create a smooth and trustworthy customer journey.

1. Feature your top selling products on your homepage

When visiting your ecommerce site for the first time, potential customers are most likely to land on your homepage. Therefore you shouldn’t push unpopular items on your most valuable webpage. Instead use your homepage to showcase your most popular products and relegate any unpopular items to a dedicated clearance section of your website.

Also, check external product reviews and when appropriate, integrate the star rating into your product summaries. This is because a large number of consumers will want to check product reviews before making a purchase. Featuring credible reviews on your website will protect against potential customers clicking off your site in search of genuine reviews and finding an alternative supplier.

2. Make browsing enjoyable on any device

The number of consumers who use their mobile device to browse products and make online purchases is rapidly increasing. Therefore if you haven’t done already, make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Make sure all your pages are optimised for varying screen sizes and make it really easy for a consumer to check out a product, respond to a call to action and make a purchase via their mobile device.

Also check out how your competitors look on a mobile, see what you can learn from their mistakes as well as taking note of what they’ve done really well.

3. Create customer-driven product pages

Customer-driven content can reduce your bounce bate and increase sales. Gone are the days of product pages talking in the third person or simply listing the colour and dimensions of an item. Today consumers want the website content to not only anticipate their needs, but also explain why the product will exceed their expectations.

For more information on how to use storytelling to enhance your product pages, check out our previous blog here.

4. Allow customers to make a purchase without having to set up an account

Forcing potential customers to sign up for an account is a huge conversion killer.

Imagine if you were shopping in a bricks and mortar store, and the cashier wanted to know all your personal details when you tried to buy an item. Unless you were being offered a huge incentive, it would put you off paying. The same can be said about making a purchase online, the checkout process should be as fast and simple as possible.

Consumers today have enough usernames and passwords to remember without the need for another one. So unless you are offering a substantial discount at the time of transaction, allow customers to easily make a purchase without having to set up an account.

So there you have it, a smooth and trustworthy customer journey will not only increase conversion but also your sales.

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