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6 Great Ways to Keep Your Customers Loyal

09/12/2016 | Share:

Reward Loyalty

It’s great to implement loyalty schemes, but the big thing here- and we mean BIG – is that the reward needs to reflect the loyalty of the customer. You don’t want to be giving the same reward to new customers and those who have been with you from day one. Consider a points system, or a way to unlock better offers or promotions the more they spend with you. This gives customers something to work towards and they will feel like they are getting more in return.

Get Personal

Customers love to feel special, and by personalising their experience you will do just that. Give each customer a personalised shopping experience based on their interests. Use their shopping and browsing habits to offer promotions that you know they won’t be able to resist. Test out different methods to find out what customers like.

Deliver on your Promises

Do you know what’s worse than bad service? Getting told how amazing a company’s service is only to find out that it is in fact terrible. To ensure that customers remain loyal, be sure to provide them with an outstanding experience and they are much more likely to return.

Acknowledge and Inform

It’s important to send acknowledgement emails to customers when they order. This goes for returns too- send an email letting customers know you’ve received their returned goods. You could take it one step further and also send emails to let customers know that their order is being processed and also once it has shipped. It is vital to let customers know if there are any issues with their orders or if there are any delays. Keeping the customer informed throughout the journey will increase satisfaction.

Sort Out Issues Promptly

Mistakes happen, and if they do then you need to make sure they are rectified in a timely manner. Call your customers to apologise and let them know how you’re going to fix the situation- a discount off their next order wouldn’t go amiss. Under no circumstances should you charge the customer for any returns or subsequent deliveries.

Sales & Promotions

Always contact your customer base when you’re having a sale. This is one of the best ways to get customers back to your site. Another good idea is to remember important occasions and promote them accordingly, send customers offers on their birthday or Christmas cards with a discount code. This will show customers that you care about them and want their business.

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