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3 Ways To Promote Your E-commerce Business Offline Without Breaking the Bank

26/02/2017 | Share:

Traditional offline marketing activities are notoriously difficult to track in respect of return on investment, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything to promote your e-commerce business offline.

In this blog we look at ways to create word of mouth opportunities and develop relationships which will promote your e-commerce business within the wider local community.

1.  Have you considered helping a local charity? A local charity will appreciate even a small contribution and as a result will amplify your support both on and offline, including featuring your e-commerce business on their social media channels and website. Working with you in order to secure future support. A local charity will do all it can to help you help them.

2.  Do any of your friends and family support a local amateur sports team? If so, maybe you could source kit or a particular product at trade price in return for advertising at their ground or sports club? If you do feel like splashing out, maybe your e-commerce business could even sponsor the kit or match event? This type of low cost high impact activity can also be maximised online and feature across a number of digital channels.

3.  Become an award winning e-commerce business. Don’t be afraid to enter your local paper’s business awards. There are often free to enter and won’t need a large application form completing. Also it will put your e-commerce business in front of your local business press, which may lead to additional on and offline coverage, especially if you are active within the local community.

Running an e-commerce business does not mean you have to do everything online. So why not check out what local activities and events your e-commerce business can be a part of in order to grow your business without breaking the bank.

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