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How to create brand awareness on social media

01/08/2018 | Share:

If you’re wanting to grow your business, social media marketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness. However, with so many businesses trying to do the same thing, we look at how you can step up your social media game and help your business grow.


A big trend at the moment on social media is Influencer marketing. Brands are getting influential people in their field to promote their products on their social media. This can come in a range of forms, videos, channel takeovers, photographs or a review. It shows your products to a new audience that have the same interests and values as your existing audience.

This is great for brand awareness but it is important that you find an influencer suitable for your business, someone that matches the values of your brand and your existing customer base.


Holding a competition on social media is also a good way to raise brand awareness. Hosting a giveaway of your product by encouraging your followers to retweet or repost your content will get your business and your product in front of plenty of new people.

However be wary that a large number of people will be entering your competition just for the sake of a freebie rather than because they have a genuine interest in your business. And make sure you always check the winner’s profile to make sure they’re not posting offensive or controversial content as this could be detrimental to your brand image.

Quality Content

One of the most important factors about any social media content you are posting is that it needs to be high quality. Make sure your images are good quality, your videos are engaging and your message is clear and informative. You want your followers to share your content and interact with it.

Make sure anything you post either, educates, entertains or informs your audience. Don’t just use your social channels to promote your products. People buy from people, so show them your brand’s personality and make sure you engage with your followers as much as possible to help grow that relationship,

Think outside the box

Social media is a very congested platform. It gives everyone a voice and its easy to get lost in the noise. If you want to create brand awareness sometimes you will have to think outside the box. Jump onto a news story and link it to your content. Add humour, be controversial (but not too controversial!). By doing something different, people will begin to notice you. Don’t just do what your competitors are doing, challenge yourself and get creative.

Social Media is a great platform for getting to know your audience, but make sure that your audience is also getting to know you. Posting quality content that is consistent with your brand values and engaging with your audience are key to increasing brand awareness.

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