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3 Ways SEO Can Help Boost Your Ecommerce Business

30/10/2017 | Share:

Search Engine Optimisation is a great way to boost your business. SEO, when done right, can allow your website to dominate the first page of the Google results pages and rank above your competitors organically. With 44% of online shoppers beginning their search with a search engine, It’s vital that you’re appearing on the first page.

In this blog we’ll look at 3 key SEO tips to implement that can boost your ecommerce business and your website’s position on the Google results pages.

1. Boost your sales with your meta descriptions

The first tip is to make the most of your meta descriptions. This is the text that will appear in your website listing on the Google results page. The fact is that your website will be surrounded by your competitors websites and some PPC advertising. That’s a lot to compete with, so how can you make your listing stand out?

The number one rule is to make sure it is relevant to both the consumer and the product. Include some of your keywords (not too many), include the benefit to the consumer, reflect your USPs. If it suits your business, then why not try something a little different and have a bit of fun with it?

Meta descriptions not only make your website listing look appealing. They also determine how relevant your listing is to the page. This is important when it comes to your position on the results page. The more relevant the meta descriptions, the higher you will appear.

2. Reach out to niche blogs

For ecommerce websites, link building can lead to more exposure, more traffic and more importantly, more sales. Take the time to understand your audience and reach out to bloggers that have a similar audience and that are relevant to your product. By getting blogs to share reviews and information about your product, you will be reaching new customers, building brand awareness and gaining customer trust if the influencer gives a great review.

The number of websites that link to your webpage is a large factor for Google’s ranking algorithm. It’s not about gaining as many inbound links as possible, it’s about gaining links from reputable, high quality sites.

3. Avoiding duplicate content

On your ecommerce website it’s important that you don’t have duplicate content. What this means is that if you have two products that are very similar, like a red handbag and a black handbag, you can’t simply duplicate the product description and change every “red” to “black”. You need to make sure the content on each page is unique. Having duplicate content can mean that search engines can’t determine which is the most relevant page to show for a given search query.

There are many different SEO techniques you can implement to boost your ecommerce business, some more technical than others. These three examples are a great way to start boosting your business. Using these will not only help to achieve a high organic position on the Google search pages, but will also get you more clicks onto your website and therefore increasing the chance of a sale.

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