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What your customers really want from your mobile ecommerce site

16/05/2017 | Share:

It’s no secret mobile ecommerce is a big deal, more people than ever are using their smartphones to browse the internet for online shopping. However there is still a high percentage of mobile ecommerce sites that are failing to provide users with a pleasant, convenient shopping experience. So in this article we take a look at some of the key areas you need to focus on.

A Great Customer Experience Will Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Shoppers want instant gratification when it comes to mobile ecommerce. If your page takes more than a few seconds to load, is formatted incorrectly or the site is hard to navigate, the likelihood is that they will leave.

Your ecommerce site should have a simple, clean layout, allowing the product to be the focal point of your home page, you should include a call-to-action button to ask visitors to your site to ‘shop now’ or ‘view products’. Its important that you optimise your ecommerce site so it’s able to load your pages correctly and efficiently on a mobile device, make sure it’s finger friendly with important links and tap-targets an appropriate size. You can check how your ecommerce site works on mobile devices through Google’s mobile friendly test.

Clear, Quality Content Will Encourage Your Potential Customers To Stay

For mobile ecommerce, its important you use high quality images, large enough so that your product is clear. Your potential customer should be able to see the product clearly and have the option to zoom in on the image to see the quality, texture and build of the product. Don’t disregard the influence that quality product descriptions and copy will have on your consumer either! When viewing your mobile ecommerce site, the likelihood is that they will be receiving social media notifications, emails or texts whist browsing. Your content has to be eye-catching and make an impression on your potential customer in order for them to stay. Your descriptions shouldn’t be unnecessarily long, the user doesn’t have the time to read through long wordy paragraphs, they want a convenient and a simple shopping experience.

A Seamless, Effortless Checkout Process Will Encourage Sales

The convenience of mobile ecommerce sites means that they are often subject to window shopping. We’ve all done it, browsing through a business’ ecommerce website with no definite intention of making a purchase, sometimes we add items to our basket and then never go through the checkout process. In order to combat this, your mobile ecommerce site needs to provide a seamless, effortless checkout process. Make sure your layout is simple, access to the checkout page is prominent throughout your site and information on what’s in the users shopping bag and the prices are clear. The checkout process doesn’t need to be long and drawn out, make it as quick and simple as possible for your customer, again, they want instant gratification.

Successful mobile commerce websites have 4 main things in common. They are easy to navigate, the content is clear and concise, they load fast and effectively and finally, they provide your customers with a great user experience. The easier it is for someone to buy from your ecommerce site, the more likely you are to encourage repeat customers and increase your website’s monthly sales.

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