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Using Canva to Add Some Style to Your Business

Using Canva to Add Some Style to Your Business

Simple and Easy Graphic Design

Canva is a fun and simple graphic design tool, great for people who aren’t that savvy with standard design programs such as Photoshop or InDesign. It is an online tool which allows you to create a wide range of visual designs and can be extremely useful for small businesses that may not have a design team or the expensive software.

You can create a design from scratch or from a template using a simple drag and drop interface, adding in text, images, backgrounds and graphics to compliment your work. You can even upload your own images and combine these with Canva’s resources, for a more unique look.

After learning the basics, you can end up producing high-quality graphics, photos or videos that pull off that extremely professional look you’ve been aiming for.

Here are some of the things you can make with Canva:
Banners and blog post graphics
Using Canva, you can create banners and graphics headers for your e-commerce site or blog post. The designs available will help make more of an impact and provide some inspiring ideas, especially when you don’t have a graphic designer or photoshop at your disposal. Just make sure that you stay on brand in terms of colours and fonts.

Email Marketing

Canva can also compliment your email marketing efforts. There is a specific design template within the tool for creating email headers, which you can combine with images or typography graphics to give your emails a more polished look, which can help increase click rates and conversions. No photoshop in sight!

Social Media

There are also social media post templates available to help you on the social front if you’re lacking in inspiration or design tools. These templates can vary depending on the type of post and the platform.

For example, there’s a separate template for designing Instagram Stories, which ensures a 9:16 ratio for the design you create. Whether it’s a standard post or a social media advertisement, by using these templates, your social media graphic is optimised for the channel on which it’s being shared.

In addition, by adding elements such as frames, typography or icons, you can create a more branded look on your social channels – much better than simply posting stock images.

Logos and Business Cards

Canva is not just useful for the website graphics. You can also use the online design tool to create your own business logo and add this to any of your existing material, such as banners or even business cards.


Canva has recently added the ability to create your own t-shirt designs, which can be useful if you’re looking to create some branded merchandise for example. In addition to making your custom design within the tool, you can order the prints directly through Canva for a price. The more you buy, the cheaper a unit becomes.


In addition to these useful e-commerce functions, you are also able to create other printable items such as invoices and product tags that help to create a unified, branded look for your business and its products.

How do I get Canva?

Whilst the pro version of Canva is approximately £10 per month and does provide some additional features, there are plenty of things you can do with Canva for free, which is why we love it. You also have the option to purchase elements, such as a font or sticker, if you spot something you really like, but aren’t quite up to paying the monthly subscription.

It only takes a few minutes to get yourself set up on Canva. You can register using an email or your Google or Facebook account. With the free version and free trial, you’re able to try out its capabilities and determine whether it has the potential to add some extra style to your e-commerce business.

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