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Top 11 Influencing Factors That Make Consumers Buy Online

26/01/2017 | Share:

The latest retail survey from the Office of National Statistics (December 2016) shows that online sales increased by over 20% from 2015 and now account for almost 15% of all retail spending. It’s a trend that’s increasing in popularity so we look at the top ten reasons why consumers are choosing to shop online.

1: Convenience

Over 60% of people shop online because it is more convenient than visiting a bricks and mortar store. The internet doesn’t keep 9-5 hours and with the busy lives we all lead these days, shopping from the comfort of your own home at whatever time of day or night is growing in popularity.

2: Keeping track of how much you’ve spent

Shopping online allows consumers to manage their money better. Invoices and receipts direct to your inbox helps you to budget more efficiently.

3: Technology driving online sales

Almost half of us are using our mobile phone to make purchases. We have rapidly adopted the use of smartphones and tablet devices to shop online, with around 44% of us making at least one online purchase every year.

4: Online shopping is less stressful

If you’re a full-time worker who only has the weekend to shop, you’ll understand how frustrating the whole process can be, from finding a parking space to waiting in a queue to pay. How much nicer to avoid the crowds and browse at home in your slippers with a nice cup of tea at hand.

5: Comparing offers is simple

It’s never been easier to compare offers and prices, thanks to technology. You can now get the best possible price for the items you want in a convenient and easily-understood manner. Product reviews are also readily-available, making purchasing decisions even easier.

6: More variety

With the whole of the internet available to us we are no longer limited as to what goods we can source locally and shopping from another country is as simple as shopping in the UK. Online retailers also often offer a greater variety of goods than physical stores.

7: Low prices

The increase in competition in this global shop window is forcing down prices for consumers who are more likely to be able to get a bargain online than on the high street.

8: Accessible to all

Elderly folk or people with a disability face no discrimination in shopping online. Even better, they can have their purchases delivered straight to their door.

9: Special offers

Shopping online can save you money thanks to special offers or coupons which have been emailed to you. Free shipping can also save a substantial amount of money if you’re ordering larger or multiple items.

10: Discretion

Everyone’s entitled to a private life and shopping for ‘adult toys’ is big business. Every minute in the UK, around four adult products are sold to consumers. If you prefer to be discrete about such things, online shopping is surely the way to go.

11: Social media

From glowing reviews to damning criticism, social media reviews sway almost 70% of us in our online purchases. Facebook leads the way in sales and ecommerce traffic, with Groupon coming in second.

Given all the information here, if you’re involved with an ecommerce store you’ll see how important it is to make sure that your site is optimised for mobile and ready to face the challenges of going international.

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