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Early Bird or Night Owl? How Your Sleep Pattern Can Affect Your Ecommerce Business

19/06/2017 | Share:

In this blog we take look at how your natural sleep pattern can affect your ecommerce business, and how by simply recognising whether you are a morning or night time person will enable you to handle complex tasks at the best time of day for you.

Work smarter not harder by harnessing your inner early bird or night owl

Your sleep pattern can really have a bearing on the way you function and process tasks at work. Therefore if you are a morning person, its probably not the best idea to start wading through your accounts late at night. Alternatively if you are a natural night owl, attempting to place a large order first thing in the morning might not go entirely to plan for you or your supplier.

Why you should stick to a regular sleep pattern

On workdays if you get up at 6:30am, then even when it’s your day off, you should be looking at getting up no later than 7:30am. Not only will you feel less groggy throughout the day, but you won’t through-out your sleep pattern, and be ready to turn in at your usual time at the end of the day. Its also worth noting, a number of successful entrepreneurs stick to a strict sleep pattern and even set their alarm clock for the same time everyday, even when it’s their day off.

Why you shouldn’t use your mobile phone as an alarm clock

When its time for bed, try not to take a mobile device with you. Electronic devices including TVs will affect your ability to drift off into a deep sleep, plus if your phone or tablet is not in your bedroom, you’ll be less tempted to check it during the night. Also consider implementing an email checking curfew at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Of course if you are worried about an issue, you can always check to see if anyone has called before you go to bed.

How your sleep pattern can help you in a global society

When it comes to dealing with suppliers across the globe, your sleep pattern can even help you negotiate. For example if you want to work with a business which is located in a timezone ahead of the UK, if you’re an early bird you should be able to get a lot done in one day. Likewise if you’re a night owl, you’ll find it much easier to contact US companies on the other side of the pond.

So there you have it, by acknowledging how your natural sleep pattern affects your ability to perform certain tasks, you can start to plan your day and work smarter rather than harder on your ecommerce business.

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