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Make More E-commerce Sales – How to Upsell Online

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Upselling is a powerful sales strategy that can help you increase your profits and build customer loyalty. When done correctly, it encourages shoppers to purchase additional items that are related to their original purchase. This article will explain the basics of upselling and how you can apply this approach in your e-commerce business.

What is Upselling and How it can Benefit your E-commerce Business?

Upselling is a sales technique that seeks to get customers to purchase more expensive or upgraded versions of items they have already expressed interest in or additional products that complement their original purchase. For example, if someone is buying a laptop, you might suggest a model with higher specs and additional features—at an increased cost or if someone is buying running shoes, you could suggest additional accessories such as socks or shoe laces. This approach can increase average order values and your bottom line.

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Who Are Your Customers and What Are They Likely to Buy?

To be successful with upselling, it’s important to understand who your customers are so that you can make informed decisions about what upsell items you should offer. Consider factors such as their age, income level, lifestyle and interests. This will help you determine which products they are likely to purchase and which ones they might be open to buying as part of an upgraded version or bundle product.

Understanding the reason they are buying your product will also help you to determine whether they are likely to be interested in an upsell. For example, if someone is buying a laptop for work, they might be more likely to consider purchasing additional accessories than someone who is buying it for pleasure. If someone is buying a pen as a present for instance they may be interested in a personalised engraving service. Customer surveys can help you learn more about their buying habits, and there may be some surprises in store that you hadn’t considered.

Throw in Free Shipping or Other Offers

Offering a discount for additional purchases, or free shipping can make upselling more attractive to customers. Giving them the incentive to buy more at that point will encourage them to take advantage of the offer as they are more likely to feel like they are getting a good deal. This approach can help increase average order values, which is beneficial for any e-commerce business, cutting down on the number of small 

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order purchases, which can be expensive to fulfil.

You can also offer different payment options such as buy now pay later or reduced interest rates which may help to boost sales.

Presenting Your Upsell Products

Where you choose to present your upsell products can also have an impact on how successful you are. If you put them in an obvious place such as the checkout page, customers will be more likely to notice them and may consider making additional purchases.

Make sure you have clear images and descriptions of the upsell items you are offering, as this will encourage customers to click through for more information. Try to present your products in a way that encourages customers to add more items to their cart rather than having them feel overwhelmed by too many options.

Using Effective Wording

Using the right words when upselling can make a big difference in terms of customer response. You should aim to present additional items as part of an ‘upgraded’ or ‘enhanced’ version of the product they are interested in buying. Instead of saying something like, “Would you like to buy this?” Try saying, “Would

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 you like to upgrade to the premium version of this product? It has some great features…”.

Ensure the benefit to the customer of that purchase is clear. If you are selling a mobile phone and want to upsell a wallet for it, using words such as ‘protect’ and ‘durability’ will help to highlight the advantages of buying the phone case.

Make sure the benefits to the customer of the product are highlighted in a clear and easy-to-understand way. If your customer is on their way to purchase you don’t want to distract them with long-winded explanations.

Monitor Your Progress

Finally, once you have implemented your upselling strategy, it’s important to monitor its effectiveness and make changes as needed. Keep track of the number of customers who take advantage of the offers you make and which products are being added most often. This will help you determine whether your strategy

In addition, make sure that your descriptions are clear and concise and that they emphasise the value of the additional items. Focus on how they will benefit the customer—highlighting any special features or discounts.

Repeat Custom

Finally, you should also consider how to upsell customers who have already made a purchase. You can do this by sending out personalised emails offering complimentary products that they may be interested in or discounts on upgrades to their original product.


Upselling can be a great way to increase sales and boost the average order value of your e-commerce business. With careful planning and effective execution, you can create upsell strategies that are tailored to the wants and needs of your customers, while still providing an enjoyable shopping experience. By focusing on customer service, product descriptions and presentation, as well as using the right words to encourage customers to make additional purchases, you can start seeing the benefits of upselling in no time.

By making sure that each customer journey is tailored to their individual needs and preferences, you will be able to provide a seamless shopping experience that encourages loyalty and repeat custom. Upselling can have a huge impact on your bottom line if it is done well, so make sure you invest time and effort into creating successful upselling strategies for your business.

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