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How to Reduce Product Returns

03/04/2018 | Share:

A large number of UK consumers don’t expect to pay if they need to return a product they’ve purchased online. Therefore in order to avoid a customer complaint or bad online review, ecommerce businesses are now starting to foot the bill for product return shipping. If you are a small business, this is a cost that could be detrimental.

In this blog, we look at  3 ways you can reduce the number of product returns.

Size things up

If you run an online fashion store, be sure to double check the exact measurements of any item and include the true measurements within the product description. Even though a garment might say size 12 on the label, the actual measurements of the product could be very different.

Listen to your customers. If you start to get feedback about a particular product running too small or too large, help your customer select the correct size at the time of purchase, by including this information on the product description page.

Package to perfection

When a customer receives an item, the way the product is packaged says a lot about your businesses’ brand values.

Therefore it won’t come as a surprise that products which are appropriately packed stand a much better chance of arriving in perfect condition. So if you haven’t already, consider using a fulfilment company (such as ourselves) to take care of all your product packing needs. This will not only reduce the number of product returns due to damage, but also streamline your businesses’ shipping process and cut storage costs.

Make your product pages crystal clear

Consumers don’t want to be disappointed when their purchase arrives, just as much as you don’t want to be frustrated if they want to send it back.

To reduce the number of product returns made within the Consumer Contracts Regulation’s 14 days no quibble law, ensure your product pages are crystal clear. From high-quality images to descriptive content and colour selection. The more accurate the information in the product description, the more likely your customer will be happy with their purchase.

Think about what questions the customer may have when writing your descriptions. Does the item look more lime green than bottle green in real life or has the product got a matt or gloss finish? And of course, include the exact measurements and dimensions.

In providing your customer with a good experience, from product selection through to delivery, not only will you reduce the number of product returns, you will also keep your customers happy and you’ll save your ecommerce business plenty of time and money in the long run.

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