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How to Ace Your FAQs page

02/01/2020 | Share:

FAQs stands for Frequently Asked Questions and the purpose is simple – they’re intended to quickly answer common questions from existing or potential customers about your product or services, saving you and your customer time and effort. FAQ pages are important parts of any business website, especially for e-commerce sites.

Imagine if everyone who wanted to make an order called or emailed you to ask about what payment methods you accept, or what your returns policy is. An FAQ section on your site will save you hours of time you might not have even anticipated.

Writing a FAQs page can be simple, but writing an effective FAQs page takes a little extra effort. We’re giving you a few tips to maximise the impact of your FAQs page.

Think Like a Customer

A successful FAQs page will always address the customers concerns – that’s its purpose – so it’s important to stay on this topic. Start by imagining you are the customer. Go through the possible customer journeys on your e-commerce store and think about the questions you may have as a new user on the site.

It’ll also help to get a fresh pair of eyes on the site. If you know someone who is willing to take the journey of a potential customer for you and provide constructive criticism, it can provide valuable insight into what questions may arise.

Use existing questions

If your FAQ page is a little lacklustre at the moment, you may have already received some questions that could have easily been answered in an FAQ page. Look at the questions your customers are already asking and use this to shape the questions and answers page.

These could come from emails and calls you’ve already received or problems you’ve had in the past and have now patched up. Social media is also a great way to source content for your FAQs page. Take a look, not only at the direct messages you receive, but the comments people leave and any posts in which your business is tagged in.

Take a peek at your competition

It’s not always possible to see how well your competition is doing when it comes to a FAQs page, but you can use it for inspiration and to work out some common questions. Check out what they’re doing on their site and all the other channels they may be on.

Maintain your tone of voice

Make sure you keep your tone of voice consistent with the tone of your page. If your e-commerce store has a neutral or serious tone, make sure it’s maintained throughout. If you’re going for a more casual and chatty style, try and reflect this in your FAQs as well.


Having the right content is not enough. Organising your FAQs into categories with a user-friendly layout will make finding answers a lot easier and quicker for your customers. If you can’t answer a question quickly, there’s a chance that your potential customer will contact customer services despite the answer being right there on the site.

Optimise for SEO

A good FAQ page will also boost your ranking in a search engine’s search results. Google aims to match people’s search intent. If you’re offering assistance to people with your questions, Google is going to want to match that assistance to a relevant Google search.

When writing your page, think about some questions that will help people discover you whilst at the same time answering a question. For example, let’s say your product contains only sustainable materials. You could answer an FAQ related to the sustainability of a particular material. People searching this on Google can discover your FAQs page which answers their question but also presents them with a business that supplies what they’re interested in.

Multiple benefits

Having an FAQ page presents many benefits that you can’t afford to neglect. It’s going to save your business time as well as reduce the potential for customer frustration. In addition, it’s another opportunity to show people your business’ personality and another page to help with that all-important SEO.

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