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How to Create Persuasive Product Pages

12/10/2017 | Share:

Even in this digital age people still buy people, as a result consumers want to feel a human connection when shopping online. Therefore in this blog we look at how you can accelerate your sales by creating persuasive product description pages.

“Over 95% of our purchasing decisions occur in the subconscious mind”
Professor Gerald Zaltman
Harvard Business

Use sensory words within your product descriptions

Sensory words will connect with a buyers subconscious. So create a positive customer experience by using words that will speak directly to your shoppers minds eye.

For example if your online business sells wellington boots; talk about how on rainy days the boots are perfect for you to splash around in puddles, wade through the mud and keep your feet warm and dry.
From that one sentence, did you think about wearing those wellies on a rainy day? Sensory words will not only help your customer imagine using the product, but also feel the benefits of it too.

Clearly list all the benefits of the product

Now you’ve created a scenario within your consumers imagination, mention the other benefits the product brings. Customers need to know the product you are describing is the solution to their problem, therefore list all the benefits the product provides in simple and clear language.

Regardless of the product type, this will reaffirm the practicalities of the item and let your customer feel their decision to purchase your product is a sensible one.

Put your customer first

Seduce your customer by making it all about them. Make all your product pages readable, engaging and directed specifically to your customer.

Don’t talk about “we” or describe your business in the third party, but instead refer to “you” and “your”.

If you can, also include numbers or stats within the product description page; as these will be interpreted as fact by the consumer. Plus to further increase your credibility with the customer, switch out fluffy marketing phrases with specific details.

For example; “we provide excellent customer service” is a very generic phrase which doesn’t really tell a customer anything, instead consider “we will respond your enquiry within twenty-four hours” or “we aim to respond the same working day.”

Also competitor analysis can play a major factor in creating persuasive product pages. So check out what your competitors are saying about the same/similar products and then see how you can say it better. For example can you make the content more customer focused and easier to digest in respect of product benefits, pricing and delivery.

Finally read your new product page descriptions out loud. Is the tone of the content conversational, and do you sound like you are speaking to your potential customer in person?

If the answer is yes, then you have created a persuasive product page.

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