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5 Tricks for writing great product descriptions

03/06/2018 | Share:

As a business owner, you’ve probably done this more than you would care to admit, however writing a product description that simply lists the features will do you no favours when it comes to selling your product.

In this blog, we look at 5 tricks for writing great product descriptions.

Sell an experience

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when writing a product description is to list all the features and specifications of the item. For most products, customers tend not to be interested in the mundane features, they want to know what’s in it for them.

It’s your job to sell the benefits of the product. How can your product make your customer happy? What problems does it solve for them? This is what customers care about.

Use their imagination

A good technique is to appeal to your customer’s imagination. Invite your audience to imagine owning your product and how that will make them feel. For example, if you sell Men’s Sunglasses, sell them the idea of walking along the beach in summer and how great they will feel wearing your sunglasses.

Making your product feel aspirational will make it more desirable to your potential customer.

Avoid generic phrases

Think about the number of times you’ve read a product description that includes terms such as ‘excellent quality’ or ‘state of the art’. Most of the time you won’t even register these words when you’re reading the description because everybody seems to be using them.

Avoid using these generic phrases and focus on what makes your product special and how it can benefit the customer instead.

Speak to your customer

Knowing your customer and how to speak to them is the most important rule when writing product descriptions. You not only need to know what your customer needs and wants from the product, you also need to know how to sell to them.

Address your buyer directly and imagine you are selling the product face to face. Would you use humour? slang? Think about the kind of words they would use day to day and emulate this in your product descriptions. Customers want businesses to have personality and by creating a distinctive tone of voice, you can form long-lasting customer relationships.

Make it easy to read

So now you have a great product description, you need to think about layout. Despite your hard work, the fact is most of your customers will skim through the text.

To make your product description stand out, you need to look at features such as:

  • Bullet points
  • Headlines
  • Short sentences
  • Including plenty of white space
  • Easy to read font and text size
  • Making the product description easy to read means more people are likely to read it, meaning you can convince more people that your product is perfect for them.

The most important things to remember when writing your product descriptions is to put your customer’s needs first and make the effort not to sound boring and generic when describing your product. The more enthusiasm and effort you put into the description, the more appealing it will sound.

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