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5 Great Ideas To Tackle Basket Abandonment

02/11/2016 | Share:

They’ve visited your site, popped some things in their basket – but then without so much as a goodbye, they’ve gone without making their purchase. Follow these tips to help reduce basket abandonment and improve your conversions.

Perfect Timing

Make sure that you do testing to find out when basket reminder emails trigger the best ROI. This will vary from business to business, but you need to give customers enough space to return to the site in their own time whilst also not leaving it too long so their interest and enthusiasm wanes and they go ahead and make the purchase with a competitor.

Multiple Payment Options

A simple one, but one that so many online businesses still don’t utilise. Offering customers multiple ways of paying will automatically eliminate unnecessary obstacles in the purchasing process. It is common place now to have credit/debit card and PayPal options, but with mobile commerce becoming increasingly popular adding Apple Pay or Google Wallet to your site will give you that extra edge over competitors only offering 1 or 2 ways to pay.

Offer Guest Checkout Options

While it may be important for you to capture data, forcing your customers to create an account is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for basket abandonment. By offering a guest checkout, you will ultimately have to sacrifice some data, but you will make it easier for your customers to complete a purchase which is essentially what you want.

Transparent Delivery Costs

There are still a lot of businesses who don’t disclose their shipping costs until the very last section on the purchase process. There’s nothing more infuriating than spending time choosing items you want, placing them in your basket only to then be hit with a whopper of a delivery charge with no alternative shipping options. Be sure to be clear about your delivery charges from the outset and if possible offer customers chances to use promo codes to reduce the cost or remove it completely. We all know customers love free shipping.

Speedy Page Loading

The last thing you want to do is fall at the last hurdle by having a checkout page that is slow to load- this is essentially pushing your customers into the arms of your competitors. Be sure to optimise your checkout page so it is as fast as possible to ensure even the most impatient customers complete their purchase.

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