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4 Ways Your Ecommerce Business Can Create “Word of Mouth”

07/08/2017 | Share:

The most genuine form of marketing is “word of mouth” but in this digital age how do you get your company’s existing customers to wholeheartedly recommend your ecommerce business to other consumers?

Therefore in this blog we look at 4 ways your ecommerce business can create modern day “word of mouth” marketing.

1. Launch a “recommend a friend” marketing campaign

You can “create word of mouth” by encouraging existing customers to recommend a friend to your ecommerce business. Not only will this introduce new consumers to your company, but also increase sales opportunities with your existing client base by way of a “thank you for recommending us” incentive such as an exclusive discount code or promotion.

2. Ask your ecommerce customers for a testimonial

If you’ve gone above and beyond to take care of a customer, and they’ve been genuinely impressed with your service, ask them if they would be prepared to provide a testimonial for your ecommerce site. Unlike specific product reviews, genuine testimonials are a great way to show potential customers your business can be trusted and you genuinely care about customer service.

3. Encourage customers to engage with your social media channels

By enabling customers to engage with your social media channels, you cannot only create “word of mouth” opportunities but also social proofing. Social proofing is where consumers discuss, review and recommend products to friends and family, without any encouragement from a specific brand or ecommerce company. This type of “word of mouth” activity is not only very powerful, but also a great way to monitor how consumers feel about your products and enable you create dedicated marketing campaigns based on genuine customer feedback.

4. Get your business involved with local activities

Whether it’s getting involved with a local charity, sponsoring a school sports team or attending a local business networking event, even in this digital age people still buy people. Therefore by raising your company’s profile will naturally create “word of mouth” within your local community and introduce a new audience to your ecommerce business.

So there you have it, even in this digital age “word of mouth” is still considered the most genuine form of marketing. Plus with so much choice for consumers, and the rise of online review sites, businesses need to exceed customer expectations in order to create good buzz.

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